December 18, 2006

Dec. 18, 2006: Circle of Friends

Media ...

[Note: Reference on to News Junkie Canada should have been to Frost Hits the Rhubarb ]

News Junkie Canada - Frost Hits the Rhubarb
Oct. 22, 2006: Various #2

Search: income trusts , Royal Bank , "The Bank Act -- the main law regulating the banks' behaviour -- does not permit the banks to convert their businesses into trusts."

Bell Globemedia, owner of The Globe and Mail and the CTV televisionnetwork, along with an investment in Telesat Holdings Inc."

That links to Frost Hits the Rhubarb Oct. 13, 2006: Friday the thirteenth ...

Search: BCE , BlackBerry Pearl, Jim Balsillie's , "from only two phone companies ... T-Mobile USA ... Rogers Wireless Communications Inc. ..." , "developed in 1982 by A. Jean de Grandpré, who was then chairman of Bell Canada. BCE" , "free from the clutches of the telecom regulator." , Bell Canada , Bell Globemedia , Aliant Inc., the Atlantic Canada phone company

Also, search [Caveat: same webpage, but may or may not be related or of interest]

Rival Telus Corp , Poly Technologies , "all-rights" contracts , electronic rights , electronic databases [Check further -- Is it connected to "copyright"?]

The following might be related also, if you can find it. It seems to be hidden or deleted or blocked from inquisitive eyes. It might be defunct .

Oct 7, 2006 - Reverse phone number search
BCE's Telesat strategy playing out as 'two-track process ...

That kind of thing ... starts me searching Google or another search engine.

Result: June 16, 2006 - BCE in talks to sell Telesat outright by Andrew ...

I clicked and it immediately disappeared from view ... but there's more than one way to skin a cat and this screencapture is the result.

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting:
There's enormous interest in Telesat." The $96-billion Teachers fund is one of BCE's largest shareholders, and recently agreed to buy a 20-per-cent stake in ...

Who are these Friends of Canadian Broadcasting members and for whom do they lobby, exactly? Themselves or the rest of us? I jest, of course.

If the citizenry do not know what nor whom to trust, it helps to have news freely available. Libraries and hard copies, along with freedom of access to information through an open Internet, not one controlled so as to remove from scrutiny interesting, perhaps relevant news items. What is the criteria for allowing the citizens to view some items and not others .......... Friends?

If the Friends receive any taxpayer funding, we should know. Also, if so, then why would they hide such interesting information?


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