December 17, 2006

Dec. 17, 2006: Dion

Dion meets the spotlights

One of Stephane Dion's charms for the Liberal convention voters was that he was a back-of-the-pack nobody. A sort of liddle crook from Shenanigan in ideology, without the sleaze factor. The Clarity Act was his biggest and only hit number. Besides, the tainted twins--Iggy and Rae--had way too much baggage for a third ballot pick. Perhaps they should have mentioned that Dion kept pushing for "distinct society status for Quebec", long after Canadians had decisively rejected it in a national referendum. And I am shocked, yes shocked, that the MSM analysts didn't mention that backgrounder either. Stephane had better brush up on his English, because he is going to have to answer some sharp questions about that stance. Because Rae and Iggy were front runners, there was little scrutiny given to Dion's policies or voting record. There will plenty now from the Conservatives and fellow opposition members from the PQ and the NDP. Being a good Quebecois sociologist, he has a treasure trove of faddish left-wing ideas. This might redeem his reputation in Quebec, but could hamper him in the rest of Canada (ROC). If Canada wanted a tax and spend socialist party they would vote in the NDP. Lastly, his vaunted environment position has yet to be costed out. When it is, the beleagured workers of Canada might decide they can handle a jigger of pollution afterall.

© Bud Talkinghorn--Events have overrun the blog again. Now Dion is going to join the Bloc Quebecois to run the Conservatives out of Dodge. A poll shows that his party has had an up-tick in popularity. The NDP took the biggest body blow when Dion scooped up the environment issue. Forget that he presided over a 34% increase in greenhouse gas emissions during his tenure. Smother that fact in enough molassas-mouthed platitudes about future plans for a green Canada and the rubes will forgive past sins. The liberal media have made the environment the issue du jour. The poll even stomped on that fragile vine, The Green Party.

If Evo Morales can win an election on the green ticket--a wad of legal coca leaves in every pot--Dion can show his green creds by legalizing marijuana production. Taxable of course. Government documents could be produced on hemp paper. Plus he could say he brought a huge underground economy into the mainstream. On the political front, he can join the "non-aligned nations" in the United Nations. The possibilities for wooing the left in this country are endless. A democratically neutered foreign policy is a good start.

© Bud Talkinghorn


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