December 17, 2006

Dec. 17, 2006: China's Sunshine Boys

Suntech Power - silicon photovoltaic solar cells, Thomas L. Friedman, December 6, 2006, New York Times, World, China

Thomas Friedman Op-Ed column on interview with Shi Zhengrong, seventh-richest man in China, who became a billionaire as [the] country's leading maker of silicon photovoltaic solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity; Shi predicts that renewable clean power will be growth industry of 21st century and hopes Suntech Power Holdings will help drive down costs so that millions of people in China and elsewhere can afford technology. [....]

How would this impact the Kyoto plan for buying carbon credits from countries such as China? Canadian taxpayers were intended to pay. Would this make it unnecessary for Liberals to continue with that idea? Or was the payment for something else?


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