December 17, 2006

Dec. 17, 2006: Media ... litany

Update 1: This link below refers readers to Viacom

The first item: Viacom: Infinity's outdoor advertising units, Infinity Outdoor and TDI Worldwide, comprise one of the two largest outdoor advertising operations in the US, Canada, ... -- or here

Independent media -- global

This is a selection, not all. media profile ... Power and Pargesa ... Banque Nationale ...

1981 Power takes C$20m stake in Pargesa Holding SA, parent of Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas (Suisse)
1986 Power Corp buys Ontario and Quebec radio and tv stations from Prades and Katenac, forms Power Broadcasting
1986 Power Corp and Consolidated-Bathurst form joint venture with CITIC
1989 Power Financial sells Montreal Trust stake to BCE
BCE and more here -- re: BCE and Bell Globemedia holdings
1993 Power Broadcasting forms joint venture with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBC [Note: Interestingly, at the top of the CBC webpage, the link was unavailable: Canada . See below.]
1999 Power Broadcasting radio and tv stations sold to Corus Entertainment for C$107.5m
Corus - Shaw -- "The Calgary-based Shaw group (including Corus Entertainment)"
1996 Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion (CLT) under Pargesa control merges with Bertelsmann broadcasting subsidiaries to form CLT-UFA
2000 CLT-UFA merges with television arm of Pearson and GBL's Audiofina/Electrofina to become RTL
RTL (formerly CLT-UFA) is Europe's largest television and radio group.

UK media group Pearson held a direct 22% stake. Bertelsmann had a 30% stake with the Audiofina/Electrofina arm of Franco-Belgian investment group Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL) - inherited its equity from the French developers of Radio Luxembourg and its sister station Radio Normandie - and a further 37% through BWTV, of which it owned 80% and German publisher WAZ owned 20%.


Like Vivendi Universal, the Pearson Group began as a civil engineering contractor.

The group dates from 1844. With the collapse of the 1860s railway construction boom UK entrepreneur Weetman Pearson moved overseas. By 1889 the family-owned S. Pearson & Son was building the Hudson tunnel in New York; railways in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and China; dams and canals in Mexico and docks in Egypt and Canada.

[....] Pearson merged its Pearson TV production holdings with the Bertelsmann-controlled RTL broadcasting group: Bertelsmann had an effective 67% of RLT and Pearson had 22%. In December 2001 Bertelsmann acquired Pearson's 22% in RTL.

Pearson sold its stake in Murdoch-controlled UK satellite broadcaster BSkyB to Vivendi for around £305 million and spent £1.7 billion on US educational services group National Computer Systems.

Pearson's Spanish Recoletos newspaper subsidiary was periodically on the market with a valuation of about £1.3 billion. In December 2004 Pearson announced agreement to sell Recoletos through an MBO.

....In 2004 Recoletos gained control of Meximerica Media, a US-based Spanish-language newspaper publisher.

In December 2004 Pearson announced that it had agreed to sell its stake to Retos Cartera, a management-led consortium, in a €743 million deal expected to bring a cash payment of £380 million. ....

2000 Power joint venture with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) sold to USA Networks Inc. for C$155m
2001 Pargesa subsidiary GBL gains 25% stake in Bertelsmann through sale of RTL stake

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Update 1: The first item refers to Viacom: Infinity's outdoor advertising units, Infinity Outdoor and TDI Worldwide, comprise one of the two largest outdoor advertising operations in the US, Canada, ... -- or here

here -- very interesting


The New York-based Havas advertising conglomerate shares the same origins as the Havas news service (discussed here) and media group Vivendi Universal but has a separate ownership and is independent.

It encompasses advertising, marketing and public relations businesses across the globe, with most revenue coming from the US and Western Europe. [....]

2005 French industrialist Vincent Bolloré gains control of Havas board.

Global Networking Timeline -- or here

Sources and Bibliography
Dr T. Matthew Ciolek,
Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies,
Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia
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