December 19, 2006

Dec. 19, 2006: Mining-Sask Uranium

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Saskatchewan looms large on nuclear landscape, Eric Reguly, Dec. 16, 2006

Forget the oil sands. If you want to find the real action, go to Saskatchewan's extreme north, where about two dozen junior mining companies are staking land and poking holes in the ground looking for uranium. [....]

Known as the Athabasca Basin (not to be confused with the Athabasca tar sands), the area has some of the richest uranium ore grades on the planet. Australia's famous Olympic Dam uranium mine, owned by BHP Billiton, has a 0.4-per-cent grade. In Athabasca, grades of 20 per cent or more are not uncommon. Saskatchewan's Cameco, the world's largest pure uranium play, with a market value of $16.2-billion, operates the industry's largest high-grade uranium mine at McArthur River; the grade is 21.2 per cent. Cameco's Cigar Lake project, the largest undeveloped uranium reserve, is almost as rich. A recent flood at the project will ensure that it remains in limbo for several years. [....]


Uranium Mine Ownership - Canada

Global InfoMine

Map of Uranium Activities in Canada

Red Dragon Resources

... (formerly is a TSX Venture (TSX-V) listed, diversified mining company engaged in the identification, acquisition and exploration of mineral properties with potential for world-class mineral deposits in China and Canada.

Properties in China

Yunnan Weixi Lead-Zinc Project [....]

Properties in Canada

Athabasca Basin Uranium Project

In June 2005, ... agreement with Stout Investments Ltd. (“Stout”), a related party, whereby Red Dragon will acquire Stout’s right to earn a 100% undivided working interest in the Rea Uranium Project, consisting of 446,330 acres located over the southwest margin of the Athabasca basin in Alberta.

The Project surrounds Cogema Exploration’s Maybelle River uranium deposit ....

Red Dragon has entered into an option agreement with Uramin Inc., a publicly traded company listed on AIM in London [See below....]

Saskatchewan Fond du Lac Nickel Project

In June 2005 ...option agreement with Stephen R. Dattels and James Mellon, both related parties, whereby Red Dragon can acquire a 100% undivided working interest in the project which totals 95,000 contiguous acres. The project is located north of the Fond du Lac River (20 km north of Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan). [.... What does "related parties" mean in this context?]

Search: Geotech Ltd completed an airborne survey , an undivided 90% working interest , Uranium spot prices , Merrill Lynch alone keeps tabs , Khan Resources

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Canadian miners top dogs on London's AIM exchange -- London market mining financing stronger than tech -- London's Alternative Investment Market and there is more.

[The] London exchange can be favoured by companies keen to avoid Canadian stock exchange requirements or U.S. regulations. [....]

Red Dragon Chief Financial Officer Benedict M. Leung

Benedict M. Leung, CA (CA, BComm) is currently the Chief Financial Officer of the Company and Managing Partner of Leung & Company Chartered Accountants (Toronto). Mr. Leung is a Chartered Accountant designated in Ontario in 1990 and a commerce graduate of the University of Toronto.

Red Dragon Featured Projects

Excerpts from Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada's daily news service, Canada-Asia News -- Canadian Trade Commissioner Service
Canadian Success and Activity - Newsletter
(September 1-30, 2006) - China
, September 1, 2006

Red Dragon Resources Enters Joint Venture on Lead-Zinc Property in China

Vancouver-based Red Dragon Resources Corporation announced that through its wholly-owned Chinese company, it has entered into a cooperation agreement with Yunnan Diqing Shanchuan Zinc Co., Ltd. of China, which owns two exploration permits adjacent to the company's Weixi Zinc project, in Yunnan province. [....]

Uramin Inc. Company Links


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