December 21, 2006

Dec. 21, 2006: Here we go around the mulberry bush ... again

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Africa: Screen capture & Update: UN CA Connections CITIC Paul Martin Power Corp. Volker ... and Oil

Dec. 18, 2006: Circle remains unbroken ...

Bear with me, I have a point. In that post was this entry on Africa. NIGER GATE: Connections between the UN Oil-for-food Inquiry, the Rockefeller Group and the French

[....] Who investigated the Oil-for-food scandal alongside Paul Volcker? Miranda Duncan, the niece of David Rockefeller. Duncan resigned from the commission following the polemic brought about by the conflicts of interest between the United Nations and the commission. Duncan, David Rockefeller’s niece, was working in the front line of the investigation. A conspiracy? It’s still too early to say, Volcker (the president of the commission who has a CV full of ties to the Rockefellers) produced the Oil-for-food report on October 27 2005. Critiscism [sic] of the way in which the inquiry was conducted has been ferocious. The links between Iraq, petrol, uranium and the war are getting closer by the day but someone – not only in Paris – may well have hidden an important part of the story.

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Volker did not reveal his potential conflicts of interest by his association with the Power Corporation (founder: Paul Desmarais), where he held a seat on their international advisory board. Also, there was Volcker’s membership in David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission.

A picture of them together can be found at the Trilateral Commission Website

[Note: The Trilateral Commission - photo Paul Volker and David Rockefeller - and history of the Trilateral Commission ... "an International Commission for Peace and Prosperity." - "a governing board of, say, 30-40 leading private citizens" ... Does the litany ring any bells? Think hard.
98/1201rockflr.htm ]

Source of the information:

It is no longer available but check Leo Knight's Prime Time Crime

It is interesting to note that the man named by Kofi Annan to investigate this shocking scandal, Paul Volker, is associated to Power Corp.'s International Advisory Council .pdf. Considering the bank chosen by the UN to administer the funds was BNP Paribas, which is controlled by Power Corp., one wonders if Annan really does want to get to the bottom of the corrupt morass. - Leo - Jan. 18 International Advisory Council 2003

Also, note another world player, late of the PMO in Canada: Paul Martin named to advisory panel for African development bank ...

Surprise ... surprise ... doing good ... globally ... for the good of the children and the mothers and grandmothers and victims ... and it follows so naturally from his last budget full of promise s.

OTTAWA - Former prime minister Paul Martin has been named co-chair of a high-profile panel that will advise the African Development Bank Group on its strategic vision. (CP)

Now might be the time to check again Paul Martin's spring 2005 budget, the one just before the election when Belinda Stronach saved his government with her sudden conversion to Liberal / leftist / women's issues / the good of ... well, whoever. Note how often Africa is mentioned in that budget. Also, in the following, check the history of the African Development Bank and note mention of AIDS / HIV.

African Development Bank

You might remember, Paul Desmarais' son is / was on the board of CITIC ; is it CITIC Hong Kong? CITIC Asia-Pacific? CITIC Pacific? I think it is the latter but check further. -- China's CITIC group in talks to buy Canada's Nations Energy

BEIJING - CITIC Group, a state-owned conglomerate, is in talks to buy Canadian oil company Nations Energy Co, the Wall Street Journal reported. (Forbes) is a great resource. More here -- Just follow the links along the yellow red brick road ...


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