December 27, 2006

Dec. 27, 2006: Banknotes, Drugs & Civil Disobedience

Bumped up Dec. 28, 06

Cocaine traces 'on Spanish euros' -- "Spain has one of the highest rates of cocaine use in the world" , Dec. 25, 2006

Traces of cocaine can be found on 94% of euro banknotes circulating in Spain, a study has suggested.

Analysis of notes from a selection of Spain's major cities showed that each one carried an average of 25.18 micrograms of cocaine. [....]

According to El Mundo Spain has just over one billion banknotes in circulation, with estimates suggesting that 142 million have been used directly to snort the drug. [....]

Search: since January 2002 , Germany , methamphetamine, or crystal meth , corrode , 99% of £5 notes

Would we say: "Banknotes go better with coke ...?"

Previously, I have posted an article about the quantity of drugs found in tests of a river in Italy-- shockingly high. (I forget the date.) How does this happen in rich Western societies?

My assessment? First, the bonds of strong families are lessened, fragmented; codes of behaviour and of what is acceptable are loosened or eliminated (Would we term it progressive? Belief, along with ministers, priests and rabbis are treated with diminished respect if not disdain, particularly in the media -- so old-fashioned). The whole system--advertising (equating progress and success with buying, eliminating a spiritual component to life), education, entertainment, many leaders, leftists, progressives and so-called elites--encourages this breakdown, sometimes well-meant, in the name of progress and women's right to work and to have someone else bring up their children--daycare. Sometimes attitudes are associated with not being judgemental or with harm reduction; other times, associated with rights and breaking down negative attitudes toward other cultural practices, dismissing religious and traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs and respect for the knowledge gleaned from those who have gone before and the elders ... and over a period of time, nothing is considered evil or wrong any more. Just have fun. Be happy. Coca leaves are just leaves. Marijuana is just a weed. Heroin? Pretty poppies, aren't they? Besides, we are often told that we cannot win against proliferating drugs and globalized drug, criminal gangs and money laundering rings. Is that all there is, then? ... Make money. Buy more?

I say no. Fight. Put manpower and money into investigation; then throw the book at those caught. Our youth are being ruined. It is worth it. The courts? Becoming a joke. It is time for change in how all justices are selected, maybe even for less legalism and more justice. It is time for letters, articles, public meetings publicizing what has been happening ... maybe even civil disobedience. When is civil disobedience appropriate and acceptable? The leftists and activists, those who break the laws in demonstrations, seem to get away with it. (Remember Concordia?) Maybe, it is time for another approach from those who normally wouldn't be caught dead at a public demonstration, nor skirting the edge of involvement in protest.


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