January 06, 2007

Jan. 6, 2007: Toyota

Toyota Motor Corp. is creating new technology for its vehicles that will detect drunk drivers. -- "Internal dissent", NatPost, Jan. 5, 07


[....The] Post's editorial board members debated the value of this innovation in an email exchange.

[....] Lorne Gunter This is acceptable only if the owner has the ability to easily turn off the device. I no more want Toyota imposing its morality on me than I want Ottawa doing so. If I choose to make my car safer for me and for others, fine. But I don't want Toyota making that decision for me. Think of all the other soft moral decisions we could delegate to corporations -- cholesterol tests before we can buy fried chicken, for instance. To delegate responsibility -- to give up responsibility for one's own life choices -- is to delegate freedom, too. [....]


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