January 06, 2007

Jan. 6, 2007: Bud Talkinghorn

It's a new year, so let's cut the nonsense files down

Number one on the nonsense files is "the darkest period in Canadian history", as The Globe and Mail wishes to call the residential system for natives. If you think the natives have fallen a long way down the educational ladder now, think where they would have been without that intervention. I am deeply sorry for excessive physical or sexual abuse these kids suffered. However from talking to two teachers who worked in this system, they were the exception not the rule. Did we learn nothing from the false testimony of the Shelburne Juvenile Detention Center trials? The second that the Nova Scotia government lost the ability to tell truth from larcenous false testimony, the former cons suddenly "remembered" abuses. Numerous good guards had their reputations and lives ruined by this rush to judgement. As for physical abuse, many of us non-natives got strapped or worse for infractions; and the white orphans were being buggered by these same Catholic priests in Newfoundland during that era. It is only in hindsight that we realize that many of these priests or teachers were sadistic. The state of denial especially amongst Catholics of that period was unbelievable. These outrages were occurring across the country. But the "don't bring scandal to the church" line was deeply engrained. Religion was yesterday's sacred cow, so the abuses were covered up. Today, most of those cows are penned in the far left field.

Every time I heard Phil Fontaine on TV, giving forth with his victimology 101, I think of where he would have been without that government education. Could it be that he would be the elder of the tribe, giving instructions to the young on pelt curing preparation? Count me out for that refreshing self-flagellation that sustains our cultural elites. These people probably never even went to a public school during the 50's. They tend to be a cosy, incestuous lot. (Common habitat, Toronto or your local university). Their greatest crime is the soft bigotry of low expectations. Affirmative action and lots of taxpayers' dollars are their universal cure-alls. Should those palliatives fail to up-lift natives, that is because of our "systemic racism and paternalism". Daddy bad, sugar daddy good.

The kicker to all this is that there will be a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" to bind the wounds inflicted by the residential schools. Try not to pay attention to the $50 million pricetag. The Liberals were about to dole out $5.4 billion to assauge their cultural holocaust, so a paltry $50 million is chump change. Right? So that a commission can have the few remaining faggy priests and twisted sisters confront their equally old victims. Fontaine claims it is necessary, "so the nation can move forward".

Give me a break. What calumny would haunt a government that allowed its native citizens to languish in a black hole of progress, while their non-native brethern forged ahead to prosperity? Now that would have been a true cultural mis-step. "Apartheid" would be the natives' cry, and rightly so. Unfortunately, what we have been witnessing for years is a self-imposed apartheid, cheer-led by men who want to keep their bantustans from outside influences. The more enterprising youth simply drift away and often prosper. This makes the remaining reservation populations ever more dependent. Unless they too can see the folly of their isolated position, they will continue to fall into an abyss of welfare pathologies. The never ending morass of the present reservation system is the real aboriginal catastrophe, far outweighing the residential school scandal.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Cultural Elitism for Dummies

Beat me with bound copies of John Ralston Saul's impentrable missives, but I still don't worship at this Golden Calf of intellectual thought. Yes, I tried to read one of his books, but the "fog index" was simply too high. One pronouncement of his that I do remember was when he suggested all Canadian universities should be bilingual--the final nail in the coffin of the anglophone majority. Still, the media proclaims that these deep thinkers have their fingers on the pulse of the nation. To refute their judgments is to expose your hickish background. From their ivory towers and Rosedale residences, they pontificate for the good of the masses. Just accept it.

But what if the triumphal elites of this ultra-secular / politically correct age are dead wrong, as they were in Europe pre-WW11? What effective responses to the gathering storm of barbarians, who want desperately to destroy our democracy, do these people have? All I observe is endless mumbo-jumbo about being culturally diverse, and being tolerant of the intolerant amongst our immigrants. Perhaps it is time to elevate the plain common sense of the Canadian people. The Harper government is at least making a movement in that direction.

© Bud Talkinghorn

The gift card that doesn't keep on giving

Besides being a tad cheesy, gift cards are often not even used. Consumer Report found that 19% of those surveyed didn't activate their cards, while the Tower Group estimates that the value of unredeemed cards is about $8 billion. Small wonder the retailers love them. Home Depot alone has $40 million gift cards they expect never to be utilized. That amounts to a windfall profit, as the plastic cards are dirt-cheap to produce--made in China no doubt. Check e-Bay for bargains on these useless cards. There are other pitfalls to watch out for. Some cards have expiry dates or charge fees after a certain period of time. If you are too lazy to send a thoughtful gift, then just send money. Unlike a gift card for lingerie, $40 cash will never go unused.

© Bud Talkinghorn


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