January 02, 2007

Jan. 2, 2007: Lansbridge U & Kingston College

Province orders probe of second university , J Steffenhagen, CanWest.com, Nov. 1, 06 -- Via PrimeTimeCrime.ca - Greed and Corruption , Vancouver Sun, November 01, 2006


VANCOUVER - The BC government has ordered an inspection of Lansbridge University the second private post-secondary institution owned by Vancouver businessman Michael Lo to come under a cloud. (Vancouver Sun) [....]

... will review the common ownership and administration of Lansbridge and Kingston College, Advanced Education ....

Kingston had been advertising the degrees despite repeated warnings from the ministry and PCTIA to stop. Lo was on the PCTIA board and headed its quality assurance committee.

Lansbridge, with campuses in Vancouver and Fredericton, N.B., is the crown jewel in a network of traditional and online educational facilities in Canada and abroad owned by [Michael] Lo and his partner Queenie Tin. They include a private high school in Vancouver, two B.C.-certified high schools in China, a Chinese school with five campuses in the Lower Mainland and an educational software company called Learnsoft. [One branch of Learnsoft is or was located in Fredericton, NB]

To listen to story, click the VoicePrint link. You may have to link to PrimeTimeCrime.ca to activate this.

Via Prime Time Crime:

Scandal Rocks University -- Watchdog group calls for suspension of Lansbridge U , Vanessa Lundgren, 19 October 2006 - The Martlet -- or here


Confederation of University Faculty Associations of B.C. (CUFA/BC), which represents over 4,000 university professors including staff from UVic, has called for the "immediate suspension of operations by Lansbridge University," according to a media release.

This request followed allegations that Lansbridge president Michael Lo had illegally given or promised degrees without ministerial permission through his other school, Kingston College. Kingston students have complained that these degrees, if received, would later be considered worthless. They had been issued by the American University in London (AUL), a school based in the U.K. without accreditation. [....]

The Kingston College B.C. website ... campuses in Vancouver, Burnaby, Toronto and Niagara Falls. [....]

Kingston College is just one of seven schools in the Kingston Education Group owned by Lo and associate Queenie Tin. Lansbridge University is also part of this group.

More here: Frost Hits the Rhubarb Jan. 15, 2006
Surly Beaver: Liberal Gaffney-ACOA & Learnsoft
(Correction), Kyoto & Stakeholder Influence, Whistleblowers, Corruption, Fry & Svend, IQ Test, Film [a link correction]

[....] Apparently it's good to be Liberal if your name is Michael Gaffney, Liberal candidate for Nepean-Carlton and son of Chretien era Liberal MP Beryl Gaffney.

You see, Mike Gaffney used to be the President and CEO of Learnsoft Corporation, a company based in Kanata Ontario. In September 1999, a virtual university was founded in Fredericton, New Brunswick to grant "E-MBA's." The university was given $600,000 in taxpayers money - $375,000 from Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and $225,000 from Human Resources Development Canada. This private, for-profit university was and is a subsidiary of Learnsoft Corporation. Sometime later, Mike Gaffney sold his shares in Learnsoft for - you guessed it - $600,000.

There is more. Also, link to The Surly Beaver

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