January 27, 2007

Jan. 27, 2007: #1

There have been problems posting on Blogger lately. With any posts labelled Memory Lane, assume these are excerpts with [...] after any or all.

Two more grow op kids found , Rob Lamberti, TorSun, Jan. 26, 2007


[....] Many children are exposed to mould and airborne pesticides used to battle bugs. Pesticides and fertilizers are also forced through the house when the furnace turns the blower on to distribute heat or air, he said. People in grow houses also face oxygen depletion, carbon monoxide poisoning and the danger of electrical fires.

Last year, the drug unit raided 93 grow-ops and rescued 27 children. In 2005, he said the unit raided 101 operations and found 32 children in need of CAS protection while in 2004, 38 children were found living in 132 grow-ops the unit dismantled.

So far this year, the drugs and vice unit has raided 10 grow-ops. [....]

Jihadization of youth a ‘rapid process’: CSIS
Study of extremism
, Stewart Bell, National Post, January 26, 2007


[....] Many Canadians were shocked when the RCMP announced last June 3 it had arrested a groupof adults andjuveniles for allegedly planning truck bombings in Toronto. The group had also allegedly stockpiled firearms and intended to take hostages at the Parliament buildings in Ottawa and behead them unless Canada pulled its troops out of Afghanistan.

Prosecutors allege the suspected terrorists were encouraged partly by an extremist leader who has claimed that Canadian troops are only deployed to Afghanistan to rape Muslim women.

The report notes that younger jihadists are now often getting their inspiration online from spiritual leaders who are “available 24/7.” [....]

Worth reading. How much do Canadian taxpayers contribute to the communications network that allow this spread of jihadi imam lies? Check further.

Maher Arar

Canadian taxpayers paid $12-Million to Maher Arar in compensation for what the Syrians did to him. What, exactly, will the Syrian government that actually tortured him pay? Why were CSIS/RCMP watching him in Canada, in the first place?

Al-Qa'ida in 'threat' to blow up paper , Rebecca Weisser, The Australian, Jan. 24, 2007, via starboardside at puntedposters


A MAN claiming to represent al-Qa'ida in Australia has left a telephone message at an Arabic Australian newspaper threatening to kill its editor-in-chief and destroy its offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

[....] The threats, made on Sunday, January 14, were left on the answering machine in the newspaper's Fairfield office. They appeared to have been written down and then read over the phone in Arabic.

"Judging by the voice, I think it was a young man and from the way he spoke Arabic, his vocabulary and his accent, I think he might have been born here but of Yemeni or Syrian origin," Mr Khoshnow said.

The caller appeared to assume, incorrectly, that Mr Khoshnow was a Shi'ite and said: "You Shi'ites are dogs. You are scum, to be trodden underfoot. From Moqtada al-Sadr to Hassan Nasrallah, all your leaders are dogs and scum. Do not think that the death of Saddam will save you. We will deter you with terrorism here inside Australia. [....]

Search: calling himself Assad Abougila , Libya , al-Qa'ida in Africa , On August 21, 2005 , notification to al-Furat newspaper , editor-in-chief, Mr Hussein Khoshnow

The gift that keeps on giving ... (Liberal) immigration ... You may vote for more of the same in future.

Gang of thieves moving east, police warn -- Group that struck B.C. May be same one that hit liquor store in Calgary last week -- possibly Romanian gypsies , Chris Wattie, National Post, January 26, 2007


Vancouver Police are warning Canadian store owners about a travelling gang of thieves who are believed to be heading east, "swarming" small stores with elaborate deceptions and sophisticated distraction techniques, then slipping away with thousands of dollars in cash or merchandise.

Constable Howard Chow of Vancouver Police said the gang of about 15 men and women, described as gypsies, arrived in Western Canada in late November and quickly went to work on Vancouver jewellers and other small merchants.

[....] The thieves will drift into the store one or two at a time, until there are more than a dozen .... female gang members used their scarves to screen a male member's entry into the back of the store, where he found and emptied a cash box.

[....] run a distraction on them.

[....] Valentin Dumitru, 48, as "a person of interest" ... a silver Chevrolet van with Illinois plates ....

Worth checking this thread: Two Nurses Said ... On health care dollars Vulgar Bulgar on puntedposters

Memory Lane: from Frost Hits the Rhubarb Sept. 4 - 10, 2005




Protectionism, PM, China, Hu Jintao -&- Protest

Bike Protectionism [....]

'Creepy' surveillance legislation proposed -- "OTTAWA - Police and security agencies would be able to surreptitiously track unwitting Canadians via their cellphones, BlackBerrys and laptop computers..."


Memory Lane: Terrorist Tradecraft Manual, RCMP Staffing & Organized Crime , Sept. 8, 2005


"Perhaps if [the public] had a look at the terrorist tradecraft manual, people would be a little more supportive of the guys who are trying to keep things from blowing up or our leaders from being shot."

Val Sears: Terrorism war is fought by the book

quotations from the Koran

RCMP Staffing and Organized Crime

Mountie staffing to rise in rural Alberta -- Province's top cop vows hiring in 2006 -- "Some experts have blamed the two-year spike on an increase in organized crime activity in rural communities, but one leading criminologist said it's too soon to draw any conclusions"

Under a cost-sharing agreement that expires in 2012, the province pays Ottawa to hire the RCMP as Alberta's provincial police force. [....]

DVD Formats, Counterfeiting, Organized Crime Connection

[....] new DVD formats, whether Blu-ray or HD DVD

[....] Apparently, there is regional coding which is a copyright protection; the new technology is continent specific. In other words, the thing won't work if someone tries to copy a DVD on another continent. I think it even reports back any hacking to break this; for the exact details, see the Financial Post, "Both sides in the DVD format war are deadlocked", Sept. 6, 05, FP5.

Example of the problem: Counterfeiting DVD's [....]

Counterfeiting was in the news lately in Montreal.

Memory Lane: Multiculturalism

Diversity "Success": Home Buyers and Businessmen , Sept. 6, 2005


You want to read of some immigration and diversity "successes"? Read on. and do look at the rest of the information on this web page on the diversity in the businesses.

Many ... criminal organizations are known for their propensity for extreme violence, especially among their own community. Competition between those groups is often fierce, which leads to major crimes such as home invasions, assaults, and homicides.

Memory Lane: RED CHINESE CAPITALIST BANKERS "Wall Street bankers need to be led, these Chinese-born bankers say, by someone who can earn the trust and respect of Chinese officials and executives but also know how to marshal the resources of a Western investment bank." , September 8, 2005


Memory Lane: Environment , Kyoto , greenhouse gases


China won't agree to target for cutting greenhouse emissions, says Dion -- "not even in the post-2012 phase of the Kyoto climate pact."


"The best technology in the world, at this moment, is at Calgary. If we can help China to burn coal cleanly we will aid the Chinese, we will aid Canada, and we will aid the planet, and we will make megatonnes of money. [Who is the WE?]

[Scroll down the page:] China, India in innovative power play , Financial Post, Sept. 10, 05 [....]

include the three Chinese monopolies -- Sinopec Corp., China National Petroleum Corp. and CNOOC -- and India's Oil and Natural Gas Corp., its foreign subsidiary ONCG Videsh, Oil India Ltd., Indian Oil Corp., Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. and Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. ....

Most of the Indian corporations are privately held unlike the Chinese ones, which are partially privatized but controlled by Beijing.

[. . . . ] (Talisman made a huge profit on the sale but it underscored the fact that state-owned oil entities have huge competitive advantages over private-sector ones because they enjoy sovereign immunity from pesky U.S. courts and other lawsuits as well as subsidies in order to overpay if necessary for assets.) [. . . . ]

Memory Lane: Editorial: Shhhh! Don’t speak about Chinese spies , May 10 2006. [You may have to link to PrimeTimeCrime to get this.]


Worth reading to the end. Is Liberal MP Raymond Chan working for, Canada or China?

Memory Lane: coal, water, oilsands: Frost Hits the Rhubarb June 3, 2005
Compilation 3: Roaming Around


Check: Sinopec Group , Synenco Energy Inc.

[Note this paragraph:] engineers have developed ways of liquefying the deposits with injections of hot water and other means. Already, about 8 percent of Canada's oil production comes from tar sands.

What is happening with this, if anything?


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