February 06, 2007

Feb. 6, 2007: Updates, Joe Clark, CDAS, CIDA, WFM

Why are Canadians still funding what amount to politicized organizations for a party that was voted out of office in January, 2006?

Joe Clark does not speak for the current government; yet, he has landed an appointment from which he may politick, but not for conservatives, via taxpayer-funded CIDA and McGill in Montreal. Note: Mr. Clark did not return to Alberta. Below this, there is an update to what I posted on Warren Allmand and his World Federalist Movement, along with a screen capture.

Update to: Jan. 28, 2007: Selflessly doing good

Search: Joe Clark speaks to ... or is it for ... CIGI? , Sept. 2006
CIGI: Joe Clark shows his leftist and Liberal bona fides

Note, Joe Clark's appointment giving him a venue from which to try to resusitate the PC Party.

Joe Clark blasts Harper's foreign policy ... Make an educated and cynical guess at the rest , Hubert Bauch, CanWest News Service; Montreal Gazette, Published: Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ex-politicians never fall from an appointment.


"I believe Mr. Harper and his colleagues are moving away from the central elements of the foreign policy that has been a strength of Canada under both Progressive Conservative and Liberal governments," he said in a speech at McGill University. [I believe I have mentioned before the interchangeability, one to the other party, IMHO.]

Clark, who has taken up a post as a professor with the university's Centre for Developing Areas Study [see below for more] , said there are four areas in which the Conservative government has made a troubling departure from traditional Canadian foreign policy. [....]

Once you know there's a CIDA connection, what else do you need to know? Joe Clark
Center for Developing-Area Studies (CDAS)

Canadian Foreign Policy: Reflecting a Different North America
A speeech by the Right Honourable Joe Clark, Professor of Practice for Public-Private Sector Partnerships, CDAS

New CIDA Contribution to CDAS

For the first time, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has made a direct financial contribution to CDAS in support of its ongoing renewal. ... Ingenuity Lab , last updated: Nov. 16, 2006

The Contribution will support a number of specific projects which include a new CDAS graduate student resident fellowship, the launch of a new online publication, Foresight: Investigating Tomorrow's Development Challenges Today, as well as funding for a McGill professor to spend sabbatical time at CIDA and graduate student fieldwork. The funds will also support CDAS’ international speakers series and an international conference on development in Africa this Spring. [2007]

CDAS Collaborative Research Seed Grants Competition -- Application Deadline: July 31, 2006 [one week after the last federal election] -- PUBLIC FORUM: February 16, 2006

The purpose of the Public Forum ... transform CDAS into the Institute for the Study of Development. This proposal emerged in part from the Inaugural Conference held in October 2005, “Breaking Down Walls: New Directions in Development Studies....

[....] A new unit ... within CDAS: the Indian Ocean World History Research Unit [....]

In addition, ... an “Ingenuity Lab”.[....] intended to create a bridge between researchers and the wider world, as constituted by policy makers, as well as the private and third sectors. [....] it will link the people who use or can use research to those who do/produce research and this collaboration will allow the institute to fund its own research. [....]

Intriguing: "the private and third sectors" - ?

CDAS Seed Grants Competition Results [.pdf]

Note the participants and organizations which they represent: Inaugural Conference: Breaking Down Walls

Update added to Feb. 4, 2007: Science-Traditional Knowledge-Politics

World Federalist Movement: Note the spelling of the url.

.... Founded in 1947 in Montreux, Switzerland, the Movement brings together organizations and individuals committed to the vision of a "just world order through a strengthened United Nations." WFM has ECOSOC consultative status at the United Nations. [....]

The WFM has over 30 member and associated organizations, including:

* Citizens for Global Solutions, United States;
* Jeunes Européens Fédéralistes, Belgium;
* Ugandan World Federalists;
* World Federalist Movement - Canada; Mouvement Fédéraliste Mondial (Canada) www.worldfederalistscanada.org/ -- Note the 's' in federalists. -- [ in English
and another link also for French:
Mouvement Fédéraliste Mondial
[with added links ....]

Do you want this? Did you think you were getting this?

Did Canadians decide upon this openly? Is this World Federalism Movement a "citizens' movement" ... or a way for politicians, upon leaving government, to pursue their party's agenda anyway, and to be funded somehow by taxpayers' money and perhaps grants from global foundations or institutions? This would bear more investigation. There are claims that these groups differ but check further. There is emphasis upon the UN / United Nations and it looks like world governance to me.


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