February 22, 2007

Feb. 22, 2007: Bud Talkinghorn

How can you stack a court system that is already stacked?

I find it extremely amusing that certain political policies are viewed under a liberal microscope. The appointment of liberal-minded judges, or those that hewed the Liberal line or "volunteered their time at election time" were the norm for 13 years. The only member of the Supreme Court that was appointed by a Conservative government and is still sitting is Beverley McLachlan. Since then we have had Madame L'Heureux-Dube, who once said, "If a woman thinks she has been sexually harassed, that should be proof enough." Sorry, but the last time that legal surety was allowed was during the Inquistion. Then along came Michel Bastarache, whose claim to fame was his "Acadian rights" work. He was a leading activist for The Acadian Society, and once pumped for a separate Acadian province in northern N.B.. A perfect appointment for the left. He can cite all these 250 year old accusations against the maudit anglais for the Acadian Explusion.. Seeing as the Acadians now control the political agenda of N.B. and are heavily over-represented in the government and civil service, it is going to take a long backward view to garner sympathy. Finally, we have Lousie Arbour, who thankfully, quit before she could get her loonie-left nonsense passed into law. She has been with the UN, trying to push global governance and international courts. Just what we need, the world's "victims" to atone for. Of course, Madam Justice Abella can take up the slack. Her reputation rest primarily on her "social activism".

None of the aforementioned is very near retirement age. They are staying put and, boy, are they peeved with Harper. How dare he question their rulings or their ideological biases? His final outrage was to try to put one police representative on the selection committee of new appointments. The idea of a bunch of throw-them-in-jail cops having an imput is frightening.

But, of course the MSM and the legal racket are incensed when Harper appointed a few judges with more conservative leanings. Harper would have to stay in power forever to change the make-up of the Supreme or superior courts. They are the final legal authority, so, even if one of Harper's appointees should get too far from our national victimhood trope, their judgements can be quashed. Don't forget that the Human Rights Charter states, "Truth is no defense against hate crime prosecution." This "you can't hurt my feelings" clause is selectively applied. Imam's that spew out the most appalling hate against Jews and other "infidels" seem to have been given some immunity. When Multiculti Doctrine meets Hate Crimes legislation, the former always wins.

For the left to suggest that they haven't lobbied long and hard for their boys to pass judgement is rank hypocrisy. As one of the big Adscam / ADSCAM culprits said, "If you want to see how most judges in Quebec got on the bench, just check who did pro bono work for the Liberals. Enough said.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Bud plays the Philistine: Art ... less

A few more "Yes, we have no Bahamas" song titles

1) Old Man Rivulet
2) River Deep. Mountain not High Enough
3) Verdi's Don Carless
4) "Yesterday. All that water seemed so far away."
5) Classical Gasohol
6) "The rain in Spain is mainly on the wane."
7) "Welcome to the Hot Hell California?
You can't always emit what you want."
8) The Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Spring, Summer

As people of the arts, you might appreciate this, on the Canadian entries in the Berlin Film Festival. Understood is that all these Canuck entries have been subsidized to the gills by taxpayer money. Nobody with money sense would back these turkeys. One film called, "The Tracy Fragments", deals with a runaway 15 year old girl, who is trying to find her brother, who thinks he is a dog. The entire film is split screen, with Tracy talking about her angst and her visions--which include horses, crows and tins of pork and beans. When a German film critic asked Bruce MacDonald, the director, what audience he had in mind for this opus, He said, "People who take a lot of drugs". Multiply this asinine effort by the subsidized hundreds and you get to understand why they are never shown commercially. Even CBC will only unload some of them after midnight. Add to this cinematic dreck all the welfare poets, failed authors, and "minimalist" painters--"Black rage dot on white nothingness"--and you have official, maple syrup-drenched culture. Another film was about a homophobic, racist boxer, who embraces diversity in the end. The Cancult motto is "Never slay just one socially unprogressive target at a time." On one hand, with a few amputated fingers, I can count the good Canadian films I've ever seen. I presume that America harbours phalanxes of similar talentless artists--all equally on the government tit. You will notice that I refrained from once mentioning the loonie left in this critique.

© Bud Talkinghorn


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