February 22, 2007

Feb. 20: 2007: US Border Patrol - Y2Kyoto

Via newsbeat1

Border patrol


U.S. Government Bribes Illegal Alien for Testimony Against Border Patrol Agent

Mexican Consulate Apparently Running U.S. Border Policy and Directing Political Persecutions of Border Patrol Agents


Also, via newsbeat1: Y2Kyoto with conversations . smalldeadanimals -- Y2Kyoto: Suzuki Foundation Funded By Encana
David Suzuki, on the John Oakley show: I’m not getting any money from my foundation.
, February 21, 2007



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Glad to see my column is making the rounds in blogosphere.

I just wanted to write in response to Stephen and Farmer Joe that the issue of corporate funding is irrelevant in my view. I only raised it in response to Suzuki's complaint that corporations are uninterested in providing his foundation with any financial support. That was clearly untrue, which ought to cause fair-minded Canadians to pause and consider his character and the credibility of his pronouncements on other issues. I also point out, for instance, that Suzuki was mistaken when he alleged that the IPCC Report released February 2 was signed by 2500 scientists. Actually, it was signed by only 51 individuals, not all of them scientists.

If I and others like me question David Suzuki's motives, it isn't because of where he gets his money, it's because he's dishonest.

Joseph C. Ben-Ami at February 21, 2007 11:18 AM


Borat Dion becomes Canadas biggest climate change derriere.

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Posted by: cal2 at February 21, 2007 11:47 AM

Why Dave Suzuki supports Toyota,

If you look on Dave's site he mentions the Toyota company on 16 separate web pages.

[Check smalldeadanimals for the link.]

And just who gives money to Mr Suzuki


Both Japanese too.

Because if global warming is man made and caused by gas. Hybrids are good.

If it isn't all that money Toyota spent on R & D could be lost.

Or could it be that he just has it in for Chrysler who made those Sherman tanks?

Posted by: DrWright at February 21, 2007 2:38 PM

Search: Vitruvius
His/Her comments are usually worth reading.

Here's another example of the dangers of innumeracy, environmental or otherwise. In March, 2004, the Edmonton Champagne Socialists, Limousine Liberals, Mastercard Marxists, and Welfare Wankers Journal pandered to the innumerate by ululating about industry's desire to use 330,000,000 liters of water a year from the Red Deer River. Sounds scary, right? [....]


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