February 22, 2007

Feb. 20, 2007: Education - Engineering - Aftermath

Memory Lane: Education articles

Common Sense Obliterated -- Minority Interests Have Hijacked Education

Trudeau Style Liberalism: The Result in One Province, NB

The Program for International Assessment (PISA) results revealed that students in New Brunswick are performing poorly relative to those in other provinces.

The Scraba Report - Opportunity Knocks



The Scraba Report, titled Schools Teach - Parents & Communities Support -Children Learn - Everyone Benefits, has hit the education system of New Brunswick like a bomb shell. Elana Scraba was asked to research some of the differences between the education system in Alberta and that of New Brunswick with a view to explaining the differences in PISA results. [....]

For those who are being pushed to expand French "services"--It is never termed "power", though it should be--in your province, in your city administrations, in all key positions across this country, and you see it moving inexorably in your direction, see what happens to children who have been in the thick of that experiment in social engineering by the state, in the East. This forms part of that Scraba Report. Also, there was more bad news about integration of those with problems, whether of medical, birth, behaviour or of another type.

I have already written what happens to adults who do not conform to the social engineering and creating work for one language group ... at the expense of the majority. You may open your arms to the pressure of a very activist group who have used the Court Challenges Program, liberally, or say "enough". Your choice. Does any politician see what has happened to what used to be reasonably good relationships? Find out in the book: The Right Fight by Jacques Poitras which details the influence of Justice Bastarache, appointed to the SCOC for his wisdom on the linguistic file, I have read. Obviously, whoever appointed him failed to read the book. Perhaps it awaited the time when his appointment was secure for the full story to come out. (Published 2004 by Goose Lane, Fredericton, NB.)

The chickens have come home to roost. What happened as a result of that Scraba Report? More fine-sounding ... nothing?

Power corrupts and ... in the hands of some activist minorities is wielded with a bludgeon, blatantly, without regard to fairness--given their numbers; no-one has the courage to question this abuse of what was originally intended to provide fairness and hence, supported by those most negatively affected. Only the politically incorrect dare question it even now. We see the lefty leanings but no clothes on the SCOC Emperors (such as Justice Bastarache, appointed for his work fulfilling a political objective). Send all the SCOC to the UN to work their magic. Let Canadians vote on those who rule our lives from on high; don't expect us to swallow that hogwash that they are above politics. They are not!

The law may be an ass, but the ones who appointed justices who pushed this social engineering left a bigger and more damaging footprint, not just to a linguistic majority, but to relations with the minority, along with creating dissension in many other areas of our lives.


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