February 23, 2007

Feb. 23, 2007: Poll, Climate Change, Diane Francis

Polls hide the truth about climate change
Questions should ask what we're prepared to give up
Diane Francis, Financial Post, Published: Friday, February 23, 2007


Canadians, like Americans and others living in developed countries, always tell pollsters they are concerned about protecting the environment. But this is like being asked if you are in favour of apple pie and motherhood. Of course you are. But that's not the point.

The real question that pollsters, and politicians, should put to the public is how big is your footprint and how much are you prepared to shrink it to protect the environment? The answer? Very little.

Another problem is that the media, and public and professional activists,....

The zealots, and ill-informed media, have found a new "lede" to get public attention for their cause. They would have us believe it's all about capitalism and fat cats and Big Oil. But it's not.

And here are the questions I would like pollsters to ask anyone who answers that they believe that protecting the environment should be a political priority. [....]

Diane, excellent, as usual. Read her list.

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