February 23, 2007

Feb. 23, 2007: SCOC Not Politicized

So the SCOC activists have activated, ruling as I expected, and the left are very satisfied. The justice system has kicked in to protect all but those who want tighter security for Canada and Canadians. CBC is in high-spirits; that is enough to tell me what won.

Check the Supreme Court appointees and who appointed them.

Here's the list of the SC of C

Name Term of Office Appointed by

MCLACHLIN, Beverley, Chief Justice 2000.01.07 - CHRÉTIEN, Joseph Jacques Jean [* I believe that should read PM Mulroney, not PM Chretien, who appointed Justice McLachlin. See below. ]
ABELLA, Rosalie Silberman 2004.08.30 - MARTIN, Paul Edgar Philippe
BASTARACHE, J.E. Michel 1997.10.01 - CHRÉTIEN, Joseph Jacques Jean
BINNIE, Ian 1998.01.08 - CHRÉTIEN, Joseph Jacques Jean
CHARRON, Louise V. 2004.08.30 - MARTIN, Paul Edgar Philippe
DESCHAMPS, Marie 2002.08.08 - CHRÉTIEN, Joseph Jacques Jean
FISH, Morris Jacob 2003.08.05 - CHRÉTIEN, Joseph Jacques Jean
LEBEL, Louis 2000.01.07 - CHRÉTIEN, Joseph Jacques Jean
ROTHSTEIN, Marshall E. 2006.03.01 - HARPER, Stephen Joseph

* Note: I just checked this and Justice McLachlin was appointed in 1989. Brian Mulroney became PM in 1988; however, the list of acceptable appointees would have been prepared under the former Liberal government so, while Mr. Mulroney may have done the actual appointing, Justice McLachlin would have been already in line for the job by virtue of passing through the Canadian Judicial Council appointees' vetting process, during the previous Liberal era. Check how many Liberals were appointed to that vetting Canadian Judicial Council. Note also, that Justice McLachlin now chairs the Council which vetted her. Power lies within a closed circle.

The Supreme Court of Canada: Justices , CBC News Online | Updated September 01, 2004


Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice

Born: September 7, 1943, in Pincher Creek, Alberta.

Education: MA and LLB University of Alberta.

McLachlin practised law in Edmonton from 1969 to 1971 and then in Vancouver until 1975. She was an associate professor and professor with tenure at the University of British Columbia up to 1981. McLachlin was appointed to the Supreme Court of B.C. in 1981 and to the Court of Appeal in that province in 1985. She was appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada in 1989 and became the chief justice in 2000. McLachlin is the chair of the Canadian Judicial Council and the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada. She is a member of the Privy Council of Canada.

Whether 7/9 or 8/9 justices were Liberal appointees, the SCOC has been stacked by one side, and the effects are long-lasting, since SCOC appointees are in position for years, until age 70 or 75. It makes achieving a balance almost impossible. The MSM and the Liberal Mouth Organ/CBC were concerned about Mr. Harper wanting one law enforcement official on the Canadian Judicial Council, the group that makes recommendations for judgeships. That is a joke, of course.

The in group(s) might deign to stoop ... to chew up the lone law enforcement candidate and spit him out, I suppose. Noblesse oblige, and all that, but the justices do not share power readily. They like running things, being the final arbiter, getting their own way without questions from the peons.

The justices are accorded a respect they have been appointed
to by virtue of the appointment process, but have not earned from the people of Canada through any voting process. The justices have not had to prove that they are above politics, nor that they represent even the broad political spectrum in Canada. They just had to court those already part of the court system and appointees already in place through appointments, along with the politicians who ran the country for years and whose concept of fairness was non-existent when in pursuit of partisan and philosophic advantage. Well, they succeeded.

Now, the Court has repaid and all the lefties, hard lefties, Liberal lefties and their media claque are satisfied ... for now. Wait until the justices are called upon to decide upon UN rights coming up concerning borders, rights of illegal aliens here, and that we owe global taxes to the UN to support the rights of ... everyone ... everywhere ... and you won't be able to do a thing about it.

We peons are expected to continue to accord them respect. Bend. Bow down low. ... Bah! Humbug.

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