December 05, 2006

Dec. 5, 2006: Ring around the rosie ...

Caveat emptor: Please note that, even as I was putting this up, the first link developed some strange extra marks ... maybe normal, maybe Gremlins.

Based on the Liberal leadership fest, yesterday, Dec. 4, 06, I posted "CTV interrupts convention coverage to interview Alexandre Trudeau in Havana". Intrigued, I searched and found the following; you might be similarly intrigued.

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* Background: Sacha Trudeau - Fidel Castro - Jonathan Kay - Human Rights Watch -
Update post added, Dec. 8, 06 - Barbara Amiel

* The Pierre Trudeau Foundation - Scholar in Mining Engineering Grant - Global Citizenship - Canadian Taxpayers' Contribution

* A "Private" Foundation for "advanced research in the humanities and the human sciences"

* Allan Rock Announces Advanced Fellowship Program in Honour of Pierre Elliott Trudeau [Industry Minister Rock gives an endowment of $125 million fund from the taxpayers of Canada - research - travel - mentoring]

* Directors of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation [They administer the $125-million endowment from taxpayers - ]

* Sacha Trudeau - Security Certificates - No One Is Illegal - Adil Charkaoui - Hasan Almrei

* Illegals - Security Certificates - a Russian spy - Arar - RCMP

Background: Sacha Trudeau - Fidel Castro - Jonathan Kay - Human Rights Watch

Great intellect runs in families

First, a little Memory Lane: The last days of the patriarch, by Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau, Aug. 13, 2006. 07:38 AM

Pierre Trudeau had a friendship with Fidel Castro that went beyond politics. It was a mutual admiration between two men who put their unmatched intellects at the service of their country. [....]

Cubans remain very proud of Castro, even those who don't share his vision. They know that, among the world's many peoples, they have the most audacious and brilliant of leaders. They respect his intellectual machismo and rigour.

With the possible exception of Nelson Mandela, already well into retirement, Fidel is the last of the global patriarchs. Reason, revolution and virtue are becoming more and more distant and abstract concepts. [....]

Not everyone was so enamoured: Sacha's love letter: His father gave us the Charter of Rights. So what is Sacha Trudeau doing writing obsequious agitprop for a communist thug? , Jonathan Kay, National Post, August 15, 2006 -- or here

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, this messianic propaganda style has survived in just two places -- North Korea and Cuba. Or so I thought, until I woke up on Sunday and spotted a museum-quality specimen devoted to Fidel Castro .... ("Sacha") Trudeau -- apparently meant every word.

The legacy of Castro is well-summarized in a recent report by Human Rights Watch: "Cuba remains a Latin American anomaly: an undemocratic government that represses nearly all forms of political dissent. President Fidel Castro, now in his 47th year in power ... continues to enforce political conformity using criminal prosecutions, long- and short-term detentions [and] mob harassment ... The end result is that Cubans are systematically denied basic rights to free expression, association, assembly, privacy, movement, and due process of law."

.... When Michael was eight years old, we learn, he complained to his mother that he had fewer friends than his brothers. Reports Sacha: "My mother told him that, unlike us, he had the greatest friend of all: He had Fidel."

Such soothing words. Would that we all had a communist tyrant to call our pal. [....]

Update inserted Dec. 8, 06:

Weird bedfellow Sacha Trudeau and me
Hard cases make weird bedfellows. Consider Sacha Trudeau, Diana Ralph and the imprisoned Hassan Almrei.
-- or here , Barbara Amiel, August 29, 2006,

When Alexandre "Sacha" Trudeau went to a maximum security remand centre to visit Mr. Hassan Almrei, imprisoned under a security certificate, he found the experience "cool," "titillating" and "stimulating," as he wrote in Maclean's in June. .... Trudeau felt him to be "kind and gentle," a man he would trust "at the ends of the earth." So he offered to post surety for Almrei while he appealed deportation.

Almrei ... from Saudi Arabia on a forged United Arab Emirates passport, ... forged Syrian passport. .... Afghanistan and Tajikistan ... Wahhabist brand of Islam ...

... made a name in the tenderloin of Canadian life as a man who could procure false documents, which he did for ... security certificate .... Madame Justice Layden-Stevenson called "unacceptable" conditions. [....]

The Pierre Trudeau Foundation - Scholar in Mining Engineering Grant -- Global Citizenship - Canadian Taxpayers' Contribution

Consider who and what Sacha Trudeau, representing this private foundation, apparently admires; then, note who are choosing the recipients of the following Pierre Trudeau Foundation academic grants--their political and other backgrounds. Consider the subject of Sacha Trudeau's UBC speech (below). Of interest, as well, are the bona fides of the members of the Board of Directors administering grants made possible by ordinary taxpayers ... grants ranging from $35,000 to $74,000 up to $100,000 a year including travel grants.

Would this first Trudeau Fellowship in mining engineering be "advanced research in the humanities" or in the "human sciences"?

I'm just surmising, but would this mining engineering grant or others be related to sustainable development ... the environment ... good governance ... civil society ... helping the natives / aboriginals in the North maintain their traditional ... whatever? ... You halped pay for these grants ... may even be paying into them now ... The original was an endowment to a private foundation ... It may to your advantage to know more ... and whether your child would be eligible ... perhaps what would be required for your child to be eligible.

Sacha Trudeau on Global Citizenship , UBC Report, Nov 3, 2006, Public Affairs, UBC / University of British Columbia

Documentary filmmaker tells UBC AGM it’s never been more difficult to understand each other as humans.

Speaking at UBC’s annual general meeting, Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau, filmmaker and board member for the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, .... research foundation that bears his father’s name. The challenges facing our global community were addressed by a range of speakers, including Ginger Gibson, a UBC PhD student in mining engineering and Trudeau Foundation scholar [first recipient of the Trudeau Foundation grant], who described her research experiences in Northern Canadian and Latin American communities impacted by harmful mining practices. [....]

More here: Influencing a New Generation of Global Citizens . You may recognize cliches-buzz words and be able to remember where you have heard them before.

The cynic in me questions whether this kind of research is helpful in a "making the right noises and garnering support from academe" kind of way when Liberals are in office, but may be even more useful when they're not -- in another way -- in the "stall, tie up, hinder, even stymie" economic activity when a Conservative administration is in office.

A "Private" Foundation for "advanced research in the humanities and the human sciences"

How you and yours came to pay for this--only one example--and many more aspects of educating ... socially engineering ... for the leftists, not only in Canada, but internationally ... and you thought universities were educating, not indoctrinating, your children. Check out the Board of Directors and also note how much each recipient receives for making the right noises holding acceptable leftist socialist political views ... where the rubber hits the road ... the nexus of Liberal-NDP-Red Tory "civil society" concerns ... which may also ensure the longevity of their own concerns ... incidentally.

Not exactly how it all began, my son, but moving in that direction , a bit of Memory Lane from Industry Canada, 2002.

Allan Rock Announces Advanced Fellowship Program in Honour of Pierre Elliott Trudeau

OTTAWA, February 20, 2002Industry Minister Allan Rock today announced the endowment of a $125 million fund [ from the taxpayers of Canada ] to encourage promising young students to undertake advanced research in the humanities and the human sciences.

This fund ... commitment made in Canada's Innovation Strategy ... fellowship program to encourage exceptional students from Canada and abroad to conduct advanced work on current issues of social and public policy facing Canadian society.

The fund will be administered by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, [....]

... promote excellence ... the values, rights and beliefs that inform Canada's sense of identity, our public policy and our place in the world.”

“My father ... vision of excellence.
... I want to thank the people of Canada for this tribute.”

The work undertaken by fellowship and mid-career award winners will be expected to cover specific themes reflective of Pierre Elliott Trudeau's personal interests, including: human rights and social justice, federalism, responsible citizenship, Canada and the world, and humans and their natural environment. [....]

“These fellowships will encourage the exchange of knowledge by these leading scholars using modern technology network. We will also see a sharing of ideas as the best and most experienced scholars will train our best new minds,” said Mr. Rock. “Eminent practitioners in public policy, law and academia will be encouraged to act as mentors and sounding boards for these students and scholars.”

“I also want to thank the distinguished group of Canadians who took up the Government's challenge to recommend a fitting tribute to the former Prime Minister,” Mr. Rock added. “Members of the committee included James Coutts, the Honourable William Davis, the Honourable Jacques Hébert, Roy Heenan, Edward Johnson, Robert Lacroix, the Honourable Marc Lalonde, Dr. Joseph MacInnis, Robert Murdoch, Dr. Martha Piper, Senator Michael Pitfield, Dr. Sean Riley, the Honourable Roy Romanow, and Sacha Trudeau.”

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is an independent, non-profit corporation which will be administered by distinguished Canadians from all parts of the country and varied academic, professional and political backgrounds. A list of the Board of Directors is attached.

Visit http:// ... (514) 846-1212.


Advanced Research in the Humanities
and the Human Sciences Fund

The Government of Canada will provide $125 million, to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, to finance the Advanced Research in the Humanities and the Human Sciences Fund. This fund will be used to support up to 100 doctoral fellowships, 20 mid-career achievement awards, and 15 mentor relationships in the humanities in any given year.

The work ... will cover themes reflective of Pierre Elliott Trudeau's personal interests, including: human rights and social justice, responsible citizenship, Canada and the world, and humans and their natural environment. Winners will work in fields of the humanities and human sciences like: Canadian Studies, History, International Relations, Journalism, Law, Peace and Conflict Studies, Philosophy, Political Economy, Political Science, Sociology and Urban and Community Studies.

Up to 25 fellowships each year ... $50,000 per year for up to four years, and ... a stipend of $35,000 and an allowance of $15,000 for tuition, fees, and travel expenses. [ That could be $100,000 a year. ]

... five awards per year will recognize eminent scholars at Canadian universities ... internationally recognized. They will receive $50,000 per year for up to four years, and an annual allowance of $25,000 for travel and expenses, such as participation in an annual conference to be organized as part of the fellowship program. [up to $75,000 per year]

Up to 15 mentors will be appointed in any one year, to provide advice, counsel and reflection to the fellowship winners. Mentors will receive a retainer of $20,000 per year, plus an allowance of $15,000 for travel expenses. These mentors will also participate in the program's annual conference. [up to $35,000 for mentoring and travelling]

... 75 per cent ... to Canadian citizens ... [ i.e. 25% will go to non-Canadians and you and your children have helped to pay for it ... whether you can afford university for your children or not. ]

Fellowship recipients will work with experts .... international students will be encouraged to study in fields relevant to the future of Canada.

The Foundation will deliver an annual report to the Minister of Industry, which will detail, for example, its investment activities for the year, the number of applications or nominations for funding, actual funding activities, and its financial statements.


Directors of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

The Honourable William Davis
.... Premier (1971-1985) ... Ontario ...

Louise Fréchette
... the first Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. ... chairs the Steering Committee on Reform and Management Policy and the Advisory Board of the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP).

Roy L. Heenan
... of Montreal ... appointed to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ... law firm of Heenan Blaikie.

Dr. Chaviva Hosek
... Ph.D. from Harvard ... arrived at CIAR [ Canadian Institute for Advanced Research which is connected with / links to CITA] following an outstanding career of public service and academic achievement. Most recently the Director of Policy and Research for Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, ... Minister of Housing for the Province of Ontario ... Professor of English Literature at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Robert Lacroix
... Montreal ... Rector of Université de Montréal ... a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Louvain, Belgium, ... a professor in the Department of Economics at Université de Montréal since 1970.

The Honourable Marc Lalonde
... a partner at the law firm of Stikeman Elliott in Montreal ... Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources, Minister of Finance, Minister of Health and Welfare, and Minister of Justice. ... participated in a large number of international meetings.

Dr. Paule Leduc
Until very recently ... rector of the Université du Québec à Montréal. ... president of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, director of the Canada Council for the Arts, and president of the Conseil des universités du Québec.

The Honourable E. Peter Lougheed
... [a former] Premier of Alberta from 1971-1985 ... energy and constitutional issues ...

Dr. Martha Piper
... President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of British Columbia.... former director ... School of Physical and Occupational Therapy at McGill University, Dean of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, and Vice-President of Research at the University of Alberta.

The Honourable Bob Rae
... a partner at the Goodmans LLP law firm. His clients include companies, trade unions, charitable and non-governmental organizations, and governments themselves. ... negotiation, mediation and arbitration ... Ontario's 21st Premier ...

Dr. Sean Riley
... President of St. Francis Xavier University ... Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation ... government, finance, and business ... a ministerial advisor on policy in the Departments of Foreign Affairs, Finance, and the Privy Council Office.

Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau
The son ... a director of his father's Foundation. [Besides this, more below]

Milton K. Wong
... Chancellor, ... Chairman of HSBC Asset Management Canada Limited. ... philanthropy, ... founding Chairman of the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival, ... BC Cancer Foundation Millennium Campaign. Mr. Wong is founder and chair of the Laurier Institution, an independent non-profit institution dedicated to advancing knowledge of the economic and social implications of cultural diversity.

Dr. Marc Renaud
... President of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council ... on the boards of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, the steering committee of the Networks of Centres of Excellence, and the executive committee of the Interim Governing Council of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. ... chairs the Steering Committee for the Canada Research Chairs Program. ...

Dr. Alexander Himelfarb
... Deputy Minister of Canadian Heritage ... Ph.D. in Sociology ... a Professor of Sociology at the University of New Brunswick ... Head of the Unified Family Court Project at the Department of Justice, Executive Interchange. [ Is there / was there not a Himmelfarb in the PCO? ]

Sacha Trudeau - Security Certificates - No One Is Illegal - Adil Charkaoui - Hasan Almrei

With the Trudeau name, does Sacha Trudeau need any other qualifications for the Board of Directors of the Pierre Trudeau Foundation and for his work helping to administer such a large gift from the taxpayers of Canada? For more on the views he supports, see:

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Aug. 30, 2005

Trudeau takes up cause of hunger strikers held on security certificates -- Adil Charkaoui, the Moroccan accused by CSIS of being an al-Qaeda sleeper agent, and Hassan Almrei. That is no longer available but it is mentioned here, No One Is Illegal -- Their campaigns also support Mohamed Cherfi,

That webpage is longer available--What happens to history and factual information in a wired world?--but there is reference to Sacha Trudeau's concerns for those on security certificates here. What do Canadian taxpayers want? This? No One Is Illegal and the related organizations, perhaps networked via computers?

No One Is Illegal -- or here

Is it any wonder that these websites tend to disappear as soon as some people find them ... such a quick, computer network of information maintained by someone with extensive computer skills. Get any information while it's hot. There is or was also a website for the group, Don't Ask; Don't Tell (DAD)

Illegals - Security Certificates - a Russian spy - Arar - RCMP

No longer alleged, it seems, though he gets "privacy".

Alleged spy to be deported -- actually, it is "may be deported", CNEWS, Dec. 4, 06

[....] Justice Pierre Blais ordered the man's deportation ... agreeing to hide his real name from the public.

... safety of (his) family ...

The Russian waived his right to further hearings. Blais said the man revealed his true identity behind closed doors. He asked that it be kept secret in return for his admissions.

[....] cut a deal after hearing the evidence against him.

[....] The Russian was carrying a fraudulent Ontario birth certificate, a Canadian passport and the equivalent of $7,800 in five different currencies when he was arrested at Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. [....]


RCMP chief backtracks on Arar -- Arar went to Tunisia because the mother of his wife was ill, Jim Brown, CNEWS, Dec. 4, 06

[....] Arar, a Syrian-born telecommunications engineer who now holds Canadian citizenship, came to RCMP attention because he had been spotted talking to another man who was a target of an anti-terrorist investigation.

The Mounties later exchanged information about the case with U.S. officials, including a request for American border guards to be on the lookout for Arar.

[....] In fact, although the Mounties wanted to interview Arar, they never considered him more than a peripheral "person of interest" in an investigation targeting others. His trip to Tunisia was undertaken because his mother-in-law, who was living there, had fallen ill.

Arar did not refuse to be interviewed; he left Canada for Tunisia because the mother of his wife was ill. The cynic in me asks: if your mother were ill, would you send your husband, her son-in-law, to minister to her, or would you go yourself? Is that what Muslim families do normally? Or just when they become persons of interest?


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