December 03, 2006

Dec. 3, 2006: How to eat a poisoned sandwich ...

Why a poifectly poiplish poisoned sandwich from our "trusted, connected" ... whatever? All the better to poison the current Conservative government with, my dears. But do sit down and eat ...

CBC on its pre-election, there's no good news negative schtick, whatever the news from the Conservative government, entitled "AIDS funding welcomed but incomplete, advocates say"

CBC's political pandering to "activists" and leftists ... politicking as any faithful Propaganda Organ does ... Just guessing, but to me, the message is a quid pro quo; politicians promise $$$ to keep the CBC in business and CBC helps keep the leftists in grant money and itself in business.

The federal government's pledge of $120 million for HIV/AIDS is welcome, but money is also needed for vaccination and other projects, the director of CARE Canada's HIV/AIDS program said Friday.

Is $120 million not worth a more positive response than that? Which other projects and why is there a negative in the first paragraph?

The funding announcement is good, but many of the projects listed are ones that Canada is already involved in and were part of the $450-million funding promise the federal government made at this year's G-8 summit, Michelle Munro said.

Who is Michelle Munro and why are her words quoted? Ah ... is she with the following? A direct connection is not made but ... I'm going to make a wild guess that this is one of the items that "activist" women and "AIDS activists" are concerned about and that it had Liberal previous government tentacles ... business, maybe, academe and funding promises perhaps, for Africa , the selflessly doing good edition of Paul Martin's last budget, for example.

The money includes $14 million to the International Partnership for Microbicides to help women protect themselves and $6 million over two years through the Global Health Research Initiative.

"What we want to do is make sure that we will work on microbicide vaccine, education, access to treatment for people who are infected," International Co-operation Minister Josée Verner said in making the announcement on World AIDS Day in Montreal.

More negative follows.

.... said Dr. Mark Wainberg of the McGill University AIDS Centre.

.... Wainberg, who co-chaired the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto in August.

[...] Jack Layton, the federal NDP leader, said ... honour our promise of three years ago, which was to deliver low-cost drugs to the people of Africa. Not a single pill has left."

Jack, that might have been your memory or a planted memory, but a past Liberal government promise of money was just that, a promise ... soon come... if the planets align and everyone votes for us ... and then, the Liberal team, Liberal friends ..... Oh, Jack, for heaven's sakes, get off your blinkin' soapbox and read the next part.

Why does CBC quote Jack Layton so often? It isn't because of political acumen nor clout. It helps to bring back their money tap.


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