December 02, 2006

Dec. 2, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn

The niqab, lust, and "explosive" orgasams

I have been following the whole "niqab" commentary in the press. The female defenders claim that it saves them from the impure gazes of men. To the rest of the non-Muslim world, it screams female subjugation and total mind control. It reminds me of the old song, "Lincoln Freed the Slaves Today", where the chorus from the slaves is, "What is going to become of us now?" These women are so controlled by a patriarchical society that they have no inkling what freedom means. Like the slaves, they have been taught to fear it.

Perhaps these masked women should ask themselves a simple human question. Which is better, that these young, hormonal Islamic males should have a genuine erotic impulse, or that they blow themselves up--along with numerous innocent civilians--so they can slate their lust with 72 virgins that Allah is going to provide? I have never heard a single explanation about what pleasures these women will receive when their time comes. Even the female suicide bombers are unsure what awaits them. Will they find that their sacrifices for Islam have some consolation, as their menfolk are deflowering their allotted virgins? [Or do they still have to simply satisfy men, even in the Muslim afterlife? Have they no purpose even in the afterlife, in and of themselves, aside from consideration of men? FHTR]

What these Islamic immigrant women to Canada do not grasp, is that their masked faces and shrouded bodies are the personification of female disenfranchisement. That is an affront to the entire Canadian community, be they Caucasian or the rest of the racial/ethnic diversity that comprises this country. They are the very symbol of "the other", that will not assimilate. They and their male counterparts are seen as Trojan horses allowed through our naive immigration system.

The sight of these veiled Canadian women cheering on the 17 terrorist suspects arrested in Toronto was etched on many minds. The idea of their supporting mass terrorism against a country that helped to lift them out of their abysmal ancestral status spoke volumes. "A picture is worth a thousand words" is a truism here. Economic immigrants we can understand; Trojan Horses are a little harder to take. When the trials start, please show up again, ladies. Canadians need to see the "face" of radical Islam, and your masked faces are a perfect example of what we are up against.

© Bud Talkinghorn--Calling Dr. Freud to help alleviate all this sexual repression.

Suffer the little children

Can we be shocked by corruption in our institutions anymore? The Globe and Mail (Dec 1, A-6) published an article on the Ontario Childrens' Aid Society and its outrageous fraudulent abuses of their budget. A fleet of 50 cars, that includes two SUV's worth respectively, $53,000 and $59,000, were purchased. Half the cars were used to drive, on average, no more than 10,000 km each. Then there were the trips to the Caribbean islands. One staff member was returning a kid to Lucia, but stayed on for a $4,000 resort visit. It seems that some officials felt it necessary to eat at high end restuarants on a frequent basis. As of March 11, 2006, the CAS budget had doubled from year 2000; yet their case load has not increased nearly as much. Speaking of their primary duty, to take care of children in need, their record is quite poor. One-third of the children who were supposed to be checked after one day or a week, were not seen until three weeks later. What's next? To find out that the Salvation Army is using the money from their Christmas kettles to stage gambling junkets down in Las Vegas? With hookers supplied?

Recently we hear that the ombudsman for convicts rarely showed up for work and was fleecing the system to the tune of $320,000. He managed to pull off this scam for over a decade. Nobody checked and nobody in that office ever blew the whistle on him. But then they had received very hefty "annual performance packages." While this might have had nothing to do with this ethical/criminal breakdown in our social services, I think an Environics poll from about 19 years ago might have pointed a direction. It was a large survey of the attitudes of youths between ages 16 and 24. In it, they said loudly that they gauged their worth by the money they made and the material goods they could accumulate. When asked about entering the altruistic professions, the majority said "never". Not enough money. However, I suspect that some of these people did end up there. This scandal is the result of their being there.

© Bud Talkinghorn--The admission in polls that students engage in rampant plagiarism in high school and university is a signpost as well. "That is all right as long as we get ahead" is the gist of their feelings about it.

I wonder whether any of them have been appointed to any significant positions, Bud. FHTR


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