November 28, 2006

Nov. 28, 2006: In they creep ...

On little cat feet ... like the fog ... minute errors ... rendering search impossible or meaning corrupted ... foiling a searcher or a blogger ... Nevertheless, anomalies do get noted, eventually, perhaps because some things just don't "look right" ... so ... Lo and behold, I have found another Gremlin ...

[See Nov. 29, 06 Updates 1 and 2 at bottom]

As part of this post, Nov. 23, 2006, The system kicks in , I referred to ex-Governor General Adrienne Clarkson's circumpolar tour, Adrienne's Junket, important only for who were along. You figure out why.

Error, in that one word was inserted -- "of" -- which changes the meaning:

NOT ... Knowledge of the Economy BUT, RATHER,

French on the Internet: Key to the Canadian Identity and the Knowledge Economy

I considered this significant, in view of the Grand Chief's Phil Fontaine's comments that he feels native concerns have not been addressed. I would suggest that one aspect has been planned and taxpayer money has gone into it for years, the development of native languages: News Junkie Canada September 14, 2003

Scroll to: Update: Adrienne’s Junket

The governor-general’s junket, Sept. 12, 03
[National Post: It is no longer available]

The group travelled to Russia and Finland. Among the 59 guests of Governor General Adrienne Clarkson travelling with her were the CBC's Mark Starowicz, Bob Rae, Peter Adams of the Makivik Corp. in Kuujjuaq and Fibbie Tatti, the Languages Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, among others.

[Languages Commissioner at the time, Dyane Adam is committed] to achieving social justice and the recognition of the minority rights of Francophones, . . . .

A researcher and lecturer, Dr. Adam is the author of many publications on bilingualism in Canada. Her most recent works include "Official Languages in the Canadian Sport System: Getting a Second Wind!" (2003), "Official Languages and Immigration: Obstacles and Opportunities for Immigrants and Communities" (2002) and "French on the Internet: Key to the Canadian Identity and the Knowledge Economy" (2002). ["of " removed -- see screen capture for several references to this. ]

Fibbie Tatti, one of whose concerns is strategies for preserving Aboriginal languages and the development of Aboriginal language curricula in other jurisdictions in Canada.

She also undertook the task of developing the first Dene languages curriculum, enabling students from kindergarten to grade 9 to study in their own language. She has since assisted in the development of Aboriginal language curricula in other jurisdictions in Canada.

This experience led to her participation in a tour of Russia in 1990 during which she spoke on issues related to the development of educational curricula for Aboriginal students and on strategies for preserving Aboriginal languages.

More: here

Canadian Taxpayers Federation September 15, 2003: Adrienne's World Tour 2003 ... Moscow, Helsinki, Reykjavik

Governor-General's spending to be probed -- Committee will examine budget, mandate -- Follows on public outrage over ballooning costs on expenses by Mary Gordon, Feb. 25, 04

Consider the above in relation to Governor General Michaelle Jean's junket to Africa currently. When was this was planned and was there a stated purpose, at the time? Is there another or unstated, purpose? I believe the latter.

A Google search for Dyane Adam's paper: French on the Internet: Key to the Canadian Identity and the Knowledge Economy

Update 1 added: Nov. 29, 2006

Link missing in this post: Frost Hits the Rhubarb June 3, 2005
Compilation 3: Roaming Around

Correct link: CRIME, BUSINESS AND POLITICS IN ASIA pdf by Bertil Lintner

An extra: Book Extract: Blood Brothers by Bertil Lintner

Update 2: Nov. 29, 2006 -- re: former Supreme Court Justice

Louise Arbour vs. Israel , Jonathan Kay, National Post, November 28, 2006

When Israel confronted Hezbollah [....] deliberate slaughter of civilians ...

... Stephen Harper refused to condemn [....]

... Michael Ignatieff [....] Canadians are on the right side of this issue.

But another Canadian, former Supreme Court justice Louise Arbour, is apparently playing to a much larger audience. As the United Nations' High Commissioner for Human Rights, her stature makes her a credible future UN secretary general. This may explain why she is busy currying favour with the European, Islamic and Third World constituencies that control the world body's major voting blocs. While bashing Israel is bad politics in Ottawa and Washington, it plays well in Brussels and Turtle Bay.

Search: went further than moral equivalence , let's be clear about what Ms. Arbour is saying. , an effort to at least appear even-handed. , quickly hustled away

Scroll down for more -- or search: Arbour , Memory Lane: Judicial independence and impartiality ...
also, Nov. 27, 2006: #2

Canadians' heroine, Sheila Fraser

Auditor General sacks ex-CFL star, Jim Brown, Nov. 28, 06 -- via Ne0_North: More Government Mis-Spending Uncovered

OTTAWA (CP) - The former ombudsman for federal prison inmates often failed to show up for work, billed the government for personal travel and hospitality, and collected up to $325,000 in salary and benefits he didn't deserve, says Auditor General Sheila Fraser.

Ron Stewart, who left the post of correctional investigator in 2004, spent much of his time during his last six years on the job at an isolated cottage where he couldn't be reached by staff, Fraser said in a report Tuesday. [....]

Search: $83,000 , $127,000 in "questionable" , $1.3 million , travel and hospitality expense , Several Mounties , amend the RCMP Act , Royal LePage Relocation Services , Envoy Relocation Services

The correctional investigator's office wasn't the only agency at Public Safety to come under fire in Fraser's report.

Robmik43 comment: "That crooked ... "Privacy Commisioner" George Radwanski never went to jail, and never had to pay anything back..."

Bang on!

Check out how the system works in other cases: Nov. 23, 2006: The system kicks in


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