November 25, 2006

Nov. 25, 2006: Dear Mr. Rabinovitch ...

From the Heart ...

A CBC contract with Canadians, Robert Rabinovitch, National Post, November 24, 2006

Robert Rabinovitch is CBC/Radio-Canada president and CEO, an appointed CEO.

This article started as my Saturday chuckle fodder. The Liberal-appointed Mr. Rabinovitch would simply fix everything with a suggestion to set up another regulatory body -- oversight soon come--but not too soon--and the bureaucracy that props it up--fast fast.

At CBC/Radio-Canada, we are in a period of rapid, exciting change. Yesterday, we had a radio service and a television service with some Internet activity. Today we are a content provider, supplying a wide array of news, entertainment and sports programming to Canadians on seven television networks, four radio networks, the Internet and cell-phones, through satellite radio and iPods, in one-minute episodes on your Blackberry and with Christmas-wrapped DVDs through the mail.

Would the new deals listed get to the heart of why CBC's employees display management-approved, apoplectic and fiendish hatred bordering on disgusted disdain for Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative government? Not just every day ... but at every close encounter with anything resembling news -- even to the point of creating it? CBC's performance is demonic. Now, I understand. That was why Dyane Adam and the live-off-the-taxpayer arts community were and are in distended blood vessel paroxyms of bile. The French industry has just about come to a deal aided by the UN Protocol that would enshrine rights concerning culture and language that we can only guess at. The usual people would thrive ... and a new layer of "artists, commentators and news analysts" would gain worldwide rights to promote the language of the French court. Those with the right political stripe would be set for life. Take that you Anglo fools; you went along with "fairness" and "rights". Dyane's old Tzarist languages department would expand and all would be right with the Francophone world globally ... add the Muslim world to that, hence the courting of those who would ignore or even support barbarism ... Dyane would rise like the phoenix from the ashes ... if only the mainstream media cabal who see $$$ signs in their futures get what they were assured of under the vote-buying with other peoples' money Liberals ... if only there is a return to rule by the natural governing party.

But to return to the keeper of the flame, Mr. Rabinovitch.

... We need to become an integrated media content provider whose raison d'etre is not to make a buck but to connect the country together by ensuring there remains a place where Canadians can share their stories, feed their culture and debate their issues in this new media landscape. Make no mistake: No other organization exists with that mandate. CBC/Radio-Canada is the single largest provider of Canadian media content.

Cue the bogus patriotism along with the heart-wrenching violins ....... Check who really have the power at CBC/Radio Canada. Remember who led the revolt against the Prime Minister in the Parliamentary Press Corps? He was from Radio-Canada, the French clenched fist of media power. In having no other "Canadian" media content provider, thank God for small blessings; Canadians couldn't afford two venues for these characters to promote their agenda. No, I don't hate all Francophones; I just see through the plans of the ones who grasp and use power, those who are ruthless in pursuing what they see as their rightful destiny while walking over the rest, the English speaking majority of us. Nothing will stop them. No underhanded activity is too beneath their dignity or ethical frontier if it gets them what they want. Just cross them in this and find out. The average pea-souper is like the rest of us mostly Molson or Moosehead-swilling, cod fish eating nonentities, willing to live and let live, but that has not been the plan of the powerful Francophone elite. I haven't yet decided whether theirs is the revenge they have sought against the "maudit anglaises" or whether it is the perquisites and monetary rewards of power. Likely all.

... building an organization where programming is conceived for television and simultaneously adapted to other formats.

... regulatory framework [....]

Despite this, television remains the most pervasive medium and the most effective means of tying the country together culturally and democratically.

No, Mr. Rabinovitch, the CBC/Radio Canada is the most effective means of social engineering a whole generation and propping up the politicians who keep you and yours in the business. Do you think all of us are utter fools?

[....] CRTC hearings are so important.

But these hearings suggest another opportunity for the government to bring balance to an industry that has grown increasingly "unlevel" over the past decade.

This opportunity is to institutionalize a regular review of CBC/Radio-Canada.
[....] review the goals themselves.

... Hon. Bev Oda, Minister of Canadian Heritage, suggested the government conduct a review of our mandate. [....]

CBC/Radio-Canada would be even more accountable to its shareholders, the public; it would also be more sustainable because it could plan its development with some certainty.

Mr. Rabinovitch, you jest. We are not shareholders; we have been shucked ... forced to support this media business for the supporters of the Liberal Party of Canada and assorted leftists. We do not want to support it, Do you get it? We don't want the CBC / Radio Canada as long as we have to pay tax dollars into this organization that does not represent our views at all. It is completely politicized. Could I clarify that further for you? I hate what the CBC have done and are doing. Potentially, I am a most likely viewer, in that I hate the usual run of the mill schlock and the CBC could appeal to me and mine with a higher level of programming, analyses and discussion ... but the CBC produces politically engineered programming pap and I don't want to see anything but your backs going out the taxpayer $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ door. Do I make myself clear?

Get out of the propaganda business, you and your CBC friends; find yourselves real jobs ... not ones where you are at the beck and call of the left ... begging, then slurping taxpayer dollars. It's too much like prostitution ... for you to ... uh ... try to sell the charms of the business ... a venerable lady who has few other choices left but to sell her soul ... her body being somewhat the less for wear ... and no-one is really interested any more. Accept it. Old age comes to all. Learn, metaphorically, to knit. Now the Chinese have a very interesting public communication system which could probably learn volumes from CBC. Do contact them ...
[....] A regularly mandated review would ensure Canadians are better served.

And I suppose the next Liberal PM would appoint a series of flunkies to do the reviewing ... just as soon as Mr. Rabinovitch, the CBC/MSM and the rest of those who visualize dollar signs as they dance around the taxpayer trough in the future ... with a little help from the CRTC and the UN/UNESCO gang who have their own motives ... just as soon as the leftists, Liberals and the CBC types deliver via their networks a bloody body blow to this Conservative upstart who actually seems to think he's going to change the way things have always been done. ... Ha! The appointed, networked ones will show PM Harper and all those hicks who actually believe there is a right and wrong, who actually believe that there must be an ethical core to those who would run the country ... where power really lies ... and how it is wielded.

But mandate review or not, the CRTC hearings next week are an essential first step in finding the new equilibrium in the system needed to ensure its continuing contribution to Canada.

Mr. Rabinovitch, do you get it? You and your CBC don't contribute, if the CBC ever did, to anything but the perspective from the left. Begone! Equilibrium is impossible ... too left leaning to be tipped up again. The whole edifice is a leaning tower of Pisa.

We do not want a regularly mandated review ... a bureaucracy of appointed yes-men. The country needs to eliminate a leftist/Liberal taxpayer funded propaganda organ. CBC will never be balanced. There is too much at stake for politicians and CBC employees in their symbiotic relationship. The system cannot be improved. Tinkering with it would be just tinkering. It is rotten to the core.

Remember, Canadians, the same thing is planned by the Liberals for the arts community -- taxpayer money, including EI to those who have not paid in to the fund, whose art has so little appeal that they cannot make money from it. Remember pre-election, the promises of taxpayer money to artists and their projects for Liberal votes? If you have forgotten, write a comment and I'll find examples.

Excise this relationship between money and voting blocks, money and broadcasting. Money and everything worthwhile in this country. I'm furious! Another slippery suggestion from one already oiled by too much taxpayer largesse.

I hope I've made myself clear, Mr. Rabinovitch. Please pass it on to your colleagues and underlings.

From the heart,



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