November 23, 2006

Nov. 23, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn

Code Blue at CBC--The Conservatives have pulled a hat trick

The political and media opposition to Harper and his bright boys has been hilarious. A cluster bomb of new announcements have landed on the LPO* / aka CBC. First, the Harper government has released a statement in Parliament, saying, "We support a Quebec nation within a united Canada." This took the wind out of the BQ's sails. They wanted to propose a Quebec nation within Canada--full stop. While such a Conservative motion would increase Iggy's chances of being elected Liberal leader, it would weaken Bob Rae's chances. Polls now show that Rae is the worst threat to the Conservatives. The next day, Harper was standing next to Toronto's mayor, Miller, and Premier McGuinty announcing a much needed gun law, designed to take the gun-wielding thugs off the city streets. Try to block that ye opposition members. Finally, he came out with an income tax splitting initiative, which would save some families $3,930 on a partner's / husband's salary of $80,000, if the wife were a stay-at-home mom. A winner for the homemaker and the stressed out female worker bee, who wants to be one.

Fallout? This is such a trifecta for the Conservatives that the liberal media is beside itself. Internal memos are being sent to all departments--How can we poison this coup from these neo-cons? CBC's Jenny Lee, the economic or market news girl, is on the case and reports that, "Yes, in the short run it is good news for Canadians; however, should the economy take a down-turn, it would be a bad thing." Don Newman muses that "this might open the door for a separatist resurrection in Quebec". All Harper would have to do now to satisfy me is to announce that his government would give MRIs to every hospital and that the CBC would be sold off to the highest bidder -- with the proviso that "Coronation Street" , "Intelligence" and "Hockey Night in Canada" would be retained. That would satisfy 70% of CBC watchers, so long as there aren't the endless "Encores" of said programs.

© Bud Talkinghorn

* LPO = Liberal Propaganda Organization


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