November 22, 2006

Nov. 22, 2006: Spy, Supremes, Security Certificate

This is where the importance of a widely representative, as opposed to narrowly representative, Supreme Court is crucial. Minister Toews is on the right track.

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Alleged Russian spy believed to be 'elite' officer -- Summary of evidence alleges high-level spy carrying three different Canadian passports at the time of his arrest., Colin Freeze and Tu Thanh Ha, updated Nov. 21, 06, Globe and Mail

Toronto and Montreal ....

"The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (the Service) ... Paul William Hampel is a member of the Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki (SVR)," according to a summary of the evidence released Tuesday afternoon.

"An SVR illegal is an elite Russian intelligence officer. [....]

"Hampel's establishment of a legend based on Canadian documentation ... SVR for over a decade both within Canada and abroad," ... fraudulent Ontario birth certificate to obtain three Canadian passports in 1995, 2000, and 2002."

... $7,800 cash in five different currencies, plus three cellphones, ...

[....] Immigration Minister Monte Solberg and Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day ... security certificate ... Nov. 9 ... arrested by border guards at Montreal's Trudeau Airport.

... security-certificate ... no other option," ....

A Supreme Court of Canada ruling on the constitutionality of security certificates ...

... federal court judges ... whether alleged terrorists can be returned to countries where they may be tortured.

Terrorism cases ... espionage .... Last year CSIS ... 152 potential spies from more than 30 rival agencies .... eyes and ears on Canada's telecommunications or aerospace industries, as well as government departments that store technological, political or economic secrets.

.... to close it's technology gap with the West.

In Prague ... an alleged Russian spy ... NATO and European Union secrets.

A year earlier, in Japan, ... alleged Russian spy ... to steal semi-conductors that could be used in military guidance systems. ... an Irish businessman ... FBI ... Silicon Valley to buy electronic eavesdropping equipment for Russia.

... led by former KGB ... President Vladimir Putin .... nothing to say ... Russian embassy in Ottawa ...

... Britain this week ... Russian KGB agent turned critic of Russia .... almost lethally poisoned.

Note: The alleged spy poisoned in Britain also accused Putin of being the one who must have ordered that he be killed, reoorting that that kind of order would be issued from the top.

Who were active in pursuing business in Russia and China? Maybe they should check further ... or be checked further ...


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