November 19, 2006

Nov. 19, 2006: 6

Scaramouche: Sunday, 30 April 2006

I'm hatin' it: Naomi Klein, telegenic poster-babe for the anti-globalization whingers, likes to decry the enroachments of American corporations like McDonalds and Nike. But as Jonah Goldberg asserts in NRO (and as Mark Steyn has repeatedly asserted in his writings) there's a different kind of globalization afoot in the world, and, unlike McDonalds, it doesn't offer any Happy Meals:

...In the West, we tend to talk about globalization as if it's a euphemism for Americanization. But there are many competing forms of globalization. Even anti-globalization activists favor the "right" kind of globalization, one driven by the U.N. and "progressives" instead of corporations and markets.

Radical Islam is globalization for losers: It appeals to those left out of modernization, industrialization, and prosperity — particularly to young men desperate for order, meaning, and pride amid the chaos of globalization. Radical Islam provides it, but at a terrible price. [....]

A spotlight on al jazeera's Jew-hatred: .... I remember Winston Churchill once saying of Zionism; .... , Sunday, 23 April 2006

[....] You'll notice that the Sheika quotes the Virtual Jewish Library--thus making it sound like she's backing up her notions by quoting the Jews themselves. Unfortunately, she seems to have left out the part which confirms that The Protocols is a bogus, thoroughly discredited tract that was cooked up by Czar Nick's police.

I'm bookmarking this link so the next time I hear about how people are pushing to allow al-jihad to air in Canada, I can email the Sheika's "insight" to the proper authorities.

Update: I doubt whether Churchill actually made the anti-Zionist comment, but he is known to have had a few choice words about "Mohammedans":
winston-churchill-on-islam.html [....]


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