November 19, 2006

Nov. 19, 2006: 11

Media and Political Connections

Who are Jennifer Ditchburn's sources?

Harper heeds Quebec ministers’ complaints on better communication: sources , Jennifer Ditchburn, CP, November 02, 2006

[....] “The government comes out with a green plan, knowing this is an issue in the province of Quebec. Is there a Quebec-specific communications plan?” one source asked rhetorically. “Do we coordinate all the ministers so we are doing a couple of chambers of commerce and speaking to certain groups over a couple of weeks. Who are we sending on which TV show?”

The source added that the problems with the party’s profile in the province could in part be blamed on the fact Harper doesn’t have a staffer dedicated solely to building a communications and policy strategy for Quebec. [....]

Republican defeat a lesson for Conservatives, says opposition , Jennifer Ditchburn, Nov. 8, 06, CP

[....] Many political observers say the main consequence of the change of power in Congress for Canada would be more work for Canadian politicians and diplomats trying to get noticed.

Former [Liberal] Canadian ambassador to the U.S., Raymond Chretien, said the political paralysis that is likely to occur in Washington with the split between the White House and Congress bodes poorly for any country trying to do business with America.

He noted that if Canadian politicians and diplomats want to make any headway, they have a small, year-long window before the presidential race starts up and hijacks attention completely.

"When the U.S. becomes more difficult to govern or it's paralyzed, it's never in our interest," said Chretien, now an adviser with the law firm Fasken Martineau.

"Some of our issues get caught in this paralysis and not much is likely to be accomplished in the next few years." [....]

Do you remember the anti-US comments by politicians from Chretien's political party and network (left, Liberal, NDP), along with the relentlessly anti-US mainstream media "news"? The left has gone global. More on this later.

This sounds like politicking for the left ... Is it Google Bombing? -- or is there another appropriate term?

In searching for Civitas Society Canada, I chanced upon this ... very revealing item, a bit of leftist funded propaganda.

Embassy Mag News ... and I wondered who produces (or produced) that. The pathways where this led are very interesting.

Is this the official news from the Canadian government's embassies? Read on.

First, some media connect Civitas, conservatives / Conservatives with the US President ... after the media have primed the pump of anti-US rhetoric and attitude ...

... Mr. Luntz told the Civitas Society -- which in the current political reality is suddenly a very influential Canadian conservative think tank -- that the ... by -- or here -- which happens to be about Pres. Bush

How is the Advice Working for George W. Bush These Days? , Embassy [advertised as "Canada's Foreign Policy Newsweekly"], May 10th, 2006, by Dean Durkan

The article ends with "Sean Durkan is a political commentator and communications consultant and is retained by Association House as Vice President, Media. [Durkan: formerly with Sun media as "national political bureau chief and syndicated political columnist".

It is Durkan's colleague, James S. Deacey who has the unique and relevant background [Liberal] for producing Embassy magazine--I'm guessing that it has nothing to do with a current embassy, though I don't know. Check.

"James S. Deacey [Jamie] is the founder and President of Association House. He has been involved with government relations work since the late 1960's, working as Executive Assistant to the President of the National Indian Brotherhood, followed by stints as Executive Director of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs and Special Assistant to the Minister of Indian Affairs ... Chairman of Westcoast Energy and Director of the Canadian Petroleum Association during the time of the National Energy Policy. .... Chairman of Communications for Don Johnston in his 1984 bid for the Liberal Leadership, as Communications Chair for Premier David Peterson in the 1987 election and as Communications Chair for Paul Martin in the 1990 Liberal Leadership. More recently he has been responsible for broad based fundraising for Mr. Martin’s campaign and Advertising Chair for Premier McGuinty. ... off/on-air editorial consultant and as an on-air commentator to CBC and CTV at many major party conventions and elections since 1979. He has lectured at several universities including Queen’s, Carleton and CDMC"

Association House
Suite 301
350 Sparks Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 7S8

Understanding how decisions are made and who makes decisions in government is central to designing a strategy to influence the outcome. Whether you are positioning your organization to win government business or desiring input into legislation affecting your industry ....


It is not what you think it is.

Association House People
Association House is the Saville Row tailor of Ottawa's government affairs firms. -- Liberal connections
-- or .here

Embassy Mag presents / presented "news" ... Think about that ... Remember: "Understanding how decisions are made and who makes decisions in government is central to designing a strategy to influence the outcome." ...

A Google search is not nearly as useful as had been the case in the past ... which may be the point. See how often you find that a search reveals little or nothing about some topics -- how often the results are almost gibberish ... or is that not the case for others' searches?


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