November 06, 2006

Nov. 6, 2006: Charity begins ... in Hong Kong - China

Hong Kong-based Li Ka-shing of Hutchison Whampoa, Husky Energy, White Rose, Cheung Kong Construction, and many other Canadian businesses

A "Canadian Charitable Foundation" ...

The gift that keeps on giving ... abroad ...

Li takes world view with his CIBC fortune -- The foundation recently filed its first financial report with the Canada Revenue Agency, or CRA, and it shows that nearly all of the charity's gifts in 2005 went outside Canada. -- here, Paul Waldie, Nov. 4, 06, Globe and Mail

When Li Ka-shing sold $1.2-billion worth of stock in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce last year, he made headlines by announcing plans to set up a Canadian charitable foundation.

At the time, the Hong Kong-based billionaire didn't say how much money he would put into the Canadian charity, called the Li Ka Shing (Canada) Foundation, or what causes it would support.....heralded as a major gift to Canada and Mr. Li said it reflected the “warm welcome Canada has extended to me and our group of companies over the years.”

The foundation recently filed its first financial report with the Canada Revenue Agency, or CRA, and it shows that nearly all of the charity's gifts in 2005 went outside Canada.

According to the [first financial] report, the foundation had $256.9-million in assets as of Dec. 31, 2005, making it one of the 10 largest in the country. It gave away $53.4-million, of which $47.3-million went to the University of Hong Kong and $4.9-million was donated to the University of California at Berkeley. The only Canadian institution to receive money was St. Michael's Hospital Foundation in Toronto, which got $1.2-million.

[....] The Aga Khan and U.S. billionaire George Soros have set up several foundations to give money way on a global basis and ....

In general, Canadian tax laws make it difficult for foundations in this country to donate money abroad. But charity experts say pressure for change could come soon as more foreign-born Canadians start establishing private foundations with a desire to make international gifts. [....]

Search: Husky Energy Inc. , medical research and knowledge translation initiatives , Chinese University in Hong Kong, Shantou University in mainland China

Hmmmn ... shipping companies (Paul Martin's CSL) and oil company / companies (Irving, for example ) move abroad ... taxes lower ... charity abroad ... ? ... Would this charitable foundation be supporting China, leftists / communists globally ... global initiatives? Read some more on how another charitable foundation operates, the Tides Foundation, what it supports; see below.

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Frost Hits the Rhubarb Dec. 16, 2005 Updated: Li Ka-shing Benefactor, CSL & CITIC -&- Follow the Yellow--Red--Brick Road #1 to #7

Update 1: This occurred in 1986 ...

Canada Steamship Lines partnered with China in 1986 -- "There’s a stench here that smells more like nepotism than narcissus." -- "A business cooperation agreement was signed here today [1986] between CITIC (China International Trust and Investment Corporation) and CSL (Canada Steamship Lines Inc.)." Brian McAdam & Judi McLeod, Friday, December 16, 2005

Update 2: This is how to network -- how it is done in Canada

I noticed an advertorial that is worth the price of the National Post today. There is a MASSIVE advertisement of Li Ka Shing's* vast generosity to Canadians:

Li Ka-shing Gift of Knowledge to St. Michael's Hospital [St. Michael's Hospital Foundation in Toronto actually got $1.2-million. Maybe the rest ... soon come? ]

St. Michael's Hospital receives transformative $25 million gift to build one-of-a-kind institute

You might want to learn more about Li Ka-shing, benefactor to Canada, to various politicians, as well as learn more of his network both in China and in Canada.

There are links on that webpage.

Teresa Heinz Kerry: Bag Lady for the Radical Left , By Ben Johnson , February 13, 2004

[....] These funds went to rabid antiwar demonstrators, anti-trade demonstrators, domestic Islamist organizations, pro-terrorists legal groups, environmentalists, abortion partisans, extremist homosexual activists and open borders advocates.

[....] The Tides Foundation is a major source of revenue for some of the most extreme groups on the Left. Tides allows donors to anonymously contribute money to a host of causes; the donor simply makes the check out to Tides and instructs the Foundation where to forward the money. Tides does so....“Anonymity is very important to most of the people we work with.” That becomes understandable when one views the list of Tides grant recipients. And who are the beneficiaries of this money?

[....] The Institute for Global Communications is another leftist communications facilitator that received Tides grant money. .... The IAC is the force behind International ANSWER, which sponsored the major antiwar (and anti-Bush) rallies before the invasion of Iraq. When ANSWER was outed as a Communist organization, United for Peace and Justice, headed by longtime Communist Party member Leslie Cagan was created as a "moderate" alternative. [....]

The Tides Foundation has funded a number of the pillars of the radical legal establishment. Chief among these is the National Lawyers Guild, which began as a Commnist front organization

Search: Lynn Stewart , CAIR , Ho and Mao and Lenin , Center for Constitutional Rights , fighting every effective Homeland Security measure


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