November 04, 2006

Nov. 4, 2006: Arar has "explaining to do"

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It looks as though Arar Has Some Explaining To Do , November 3, 2006

Despite the media's portrayal of Maher Arar as an innocent victim of an over-zealous intelligence investigation by the FBI, CIA, CSIS, and RCMP, new evidence shows that Mr. Arar has some serious explaining to do.

[.... a brief summary here]

.... Mr. Arar.... became a figure of interest to the RCMP only after he was spotted talking to Mr. Almalki. [emphasis added](source) [....]

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Funding for the RCMP had been reduced over years. The Mounties didn't have the manpower to go on wild goose chases. There had to be something that brought Arar to their attention and there was ... Remember, all is alleged, at this time.

Documents tie Khadr to tortured pair
Terror suspect fighting extradition to U.S. on charges of supplying arms to al-Qaeda
, Colin Freeze, Nov. 3, 06, Globe and Mail

TORONTO — The case of terror suspect Abdullah Khadr suggests there is a connection between his notorious family and a series of highly publicized detentions of Canadian citizens in Syria, newly released court documents show.

In the documents Mr. Khadr said his father, an al-Qaeda leader who was killed in Pakistan, once bought radio equipment from Ottawa engineer Abdullah Almalki, who would go on to become a major target of an RCMP investigation.

[....] Maher Arar

[....] Project A/O Canada

[....] The Mounties visited Pakistan last year to speak to Mr. Khadr. .... two-way radios .... bought in Canada. .... went to "local fighters" in Afghanistan.

"I think he bought them from Abdullah Almalki,

Perhaps the problem is that the Americans shipped Mr. Arar off too quickly.

'I only buy and sell weapons for al-Qaeda' , Colin Freeze, Nov, 3, 06

Asked by the Mounties if he were part of al-Qaeda, Abdullah Khadr responded, "No, I only buy and sell weapons for al-Qaeda."

Over the course of five interviews with the RCMP last year, the 25-year-old terrorism suspect admitted that he "knows everybody" in al-Qaeda and ran guns for the organization to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. But he also insisted that if any terrorist "had anything planned for Canada, I'd be the first one to stop it." [....]

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Lest we forget, Freeze gives a brief memory-jogging summary on each:

Abdullah Khadr: procuring weapons , a global-positioning-system unit to map co-ordinates , Pakistan's Prime Minister

His late father, Ahmed Said Khadr:
His younger brother Omar:
His sister Zaynab:
Osama bin Laden:
Amer El-Maati:
Amer El-Maati's brother, Ahmed,
The Hindy family:
Mahmoud Jaballah:

Omar Khadr had ear of al-Qaeda -- brother: May explain U.S. interest in Guantanamo Bay's Canadian prisoner , Adrian Humphreys; with files from Allison Hanes, National Post Published: Friday, November 03, 2006

[....] The fact that [Abu Laith al-Libi] remains at large and continues to exhort violence on behalf of al-Qaeda -- including a call earlier this year for a continued holy war to reinstate the Taliban regime -- likely adds urgency to the interest U.S. authorities have in Omar.

[....] for Libi between Arabic and the languages of other fighters at Miram Shah, which is in Pakistan but near its border with Afghanistan.

Despite Libi being a military commander, Omar's duties were to be more social than martial, Abdullah said.

"In Miram Shah ... you translate between people sitting in a house and the house owner," Abdullah said. [....]

Search: Abu Laith al-Libi , Omar Khadr , Guantanamo Bay , Toronto-born man , a spokesman in Afghanistan for al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups , an "enemy combatant" in Guantanamo Bay , facing life in prison for murder , Colonel Morris Davis , filed this week in an Ontario court by Canada's Department of Justice , reputed al-Qaeda financier


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