November 02, 2006

Nov. 2, 2006: Various #1

CTV’s Robert Fife explains Global Warming... , Proud to be Canadian

Global warming will devastate economy: report

After listening to Robert Fife explain global warming, no one needs to read any of the following stories, or see the eight reports on CTV’s website, all covering the environmentalist’s point of view, or the link to Al (I invented the internet) Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” hokum.

[....] Global National’s Kevin Newman dramatically and breathlessly reports that this new report is “climate calamity” and an apocalyptic warning” to the world.

Related Stories - ones that expose the myth of global warming and the true cost of these proposals

West shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting bang for its buck
Playing Chicken Little
Climate change report has a political history

You will have to link to the website for the urls for those items.

Officials initial major native treaty in Prince George, B.C.; worth $13m plus land, Oct. 29, 06

This relates to a post today by Bud Talkinghorn on the Charter and natives

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. (CP) - A major land claims treaty in British Columbia is one step closer to reality.

B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell, federal Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice and officials from the Lheidli T'enneh band took part in an official signing ceremony.

The treaty includes a sockeye salmon fishing agreement, rights to more than 43 square kilometres of land near Prince George, and more than $13 million in cash while the 315 band members relinquish their tax-exempt status.

[....] The agreement must be ratified by the band, as well as the federal and provincial governments

[....] initialling [....]

Good intentions, gone awry -- re: multiculturalism , George Jonas, National Post, June 15, 2006

[....] By encouraging hyphenation, multiculturalism was said to build on an earlier Canadian tradition, the so-called "cultural mosaic." In contrast to the American "melting pot," with its gung-ho patriotism and crude pressures of assimilation, the cultural mosaic had the appearance of a more elegant and decorative model of nationhood. The political fashion of the pre-war period saw it producing a richer royal tapestry for the Crown in Canada than America's republican monochrome. In reality, the notion of a mosaic had less to do with elegance than with British (and French) standoffishness -- the reluctance of the founding nations to share the country with the riff-raff of the world on a completely equal footing. The hint of apartheid built into the concept of a "mosaic" was there to ensure the dominant position of the founding groups.

Multiculturalism aimed for the very opposite: It was to do away not just with the British-French, but the essentially European or First World character of Canada as a nation. Trudeau's ambitious, unannounced, possibly unexamined and merely intuitive design would, within two or three generations, take Canada out of the ambit of Christendom altogether and establish it as an advance pawn of the Third World in the Western Hemisphere. [....]

In that, Trudeau succeeded ... much to the sorrow of many Canadians.

Shut Up, You Right Wing Extremist Nut, October 25, 2006, Posted by Russ Wilcox on 08:27:59 2006/10/27

There have been many articles lately about attempts by those on the left to silence their opponents. Jeff Jacoby at the Boston Globe, Peggy Noonan at the Opinion Journal and Victor Davis Hanson at Real Clear Politics, to name three such journalists, claim that the problem that exists is that liberals have been out of office for so long that they have become increasingly angry and frustrated and that it is this anger and frustration that leads them to try to shut down or shout down any opposing viewpoints than their own.

I disagree. I think the whole history of events since the Communist Manifesto is filled with examples of leftists trying and often succeeding in shutting up anyone who disagrees. I remember my own experience while teaching at [....]

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Ship-jumping sailors spook Arctic port -- "This is an issue of Arctic sovereignty," he said. -- or ... is calling for more security at the northern port after two Turkish sailors trying to ... The night the men left their ship, the customs agent was leading a ..., Joe Friesen, Globe and Mail, Oct. 30, 06

[....]The two men, Erkan Yilmaz and Serdar Demirci, were described as engine-room hands on the Cenk Katanoglu, a ship with a Turkish crew that was taking on a cargo of wheat. One had joined the crew just a month before while it was docked in Ireland, while the other had been on the ship for six months, according to the ship's first officer, Gokhan Alicanoglu.

Some time after 8 p.m. on Oct. 24, the men left the ship and travelled a short distance to the town Via station, where Jodi Grosbrink was working behind the ticket counter. [....]

Immigration is a hot topic right now. Refugees should be a hot topic, as well, particularly the part about, as someone wrote, "letting in any old liar who comes along" ... which segues into the next post.

Immigration: What happens to history in the internet era?

If a search engine doesn't bring useable results in the first couple of pages, if the search engine doesn't have it at all, or if it is hidden after reams of the puff pieces [Search the Aga Khan, for example] ... say, on page 21 of search results, does the story just go away ... into file 13? Or is the object that the searcher quit?

On the way to something else, I came across my post on this case and I wondered what was the result of the trial? Was there a trial? Plea bargain? I checked Google. On that day, there was nada on Diane Serre after a few links to the reports of charges from two years ago ...

Immigration fraud: What happened with this case?

News Junkie Canada Dec. 2004

Immigration fraud - re: Diane Serre

Diane Serre [also Diane Serré], 34, is charged with 13 counts of fraud upon the government, eight counts of breach of trust by a public officer, and one count of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and possession of property obtained by crime.

Also facing various charges are Issam Dakik, 44, Vivian Badaan-Dakik, 33, Roger Harper, 38, and Ali Naser, 43, all of Ottawa. [....]

Is this a photo of the Diane Serre / Diane Serré who was charged?
Photo: Diane Serre / Diane Serré

Try searching first with the English spelling, then with its French spelling, then each individual involved:

Search in this order and see which name(s) brings the most information on what happened in the end.

1. Diane Serre
2. Vivian Badaan-Dakik
3. Diane Serre / Diane Serré
4. Roger Harper [boyfriend of Serre / Serré]
5. Ali Nasser
6. Issam Dakik

One of the five is Immigration Canada's director of operations, Diane Serré. The five are accused of having facilitated the granting of permanent resident ...

Diane Serre, the 34-year-old operations manager for Ottawa's CIC office, has been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, breach of trust and various other ...

See also: here



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