October 31, 2006

Oct. 31, 2006: Updates & security-related

3. Update -- Scroll down for it.

Updates and related:

1. An update added today: (Search "Judd") or Update Oct. 31, 06:

2. The following items update or are related to security, hacking and Oct. 30, 2006: Various #1: -- Hamas doesn't want to destroy Israel' ... [Spain's] Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief ....

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With talk of North Korea in the news ...

On April 19 2005, Strong said he was stepping down as UN envoy in North Korea, Judi McLeod, January 9, 2006. Posted by styky


[....] On June 3 2005, Strong was interviewed for emagazine.com, "the Online Home of E/The Environmental Magazine.

"I’ve got a variety of titles," Strong boasted to San Francisco-based freelance writer Michael Stoll. "The one I like best is honorary professor at the University of Beijing in China and at the Environmental Management College of China. I’m very active in China; I spend a lot of time there, because what happens in China is going to matter to the whole world. There’s a whole new environmental renaissance in China. It’s a little late coming, but it’s absolutely necessary for the future of China, and absolutely necessary for the future of all of us who want a sustainable way of life to be maintained on our planet." [....]


There are many more articles with links to even more information in the several pages of this Free Dominion thread: "The Oil-for-Food Scandal – the Canadian Connection". For example:

Search: Strong Implications


See also Maurice Strong's Yellow Brick Road to Global Governance


This is part of a series:
Inside the Chinese Hack Attack -- How a ring of hackers, codenamed Titan Rain by investigators, probed U.S. government computers, by Nathan Thornburgh, Aug. 25, 05


The Invasion of the Chinese Cyberspies (And the Man Who Tried to Stop Them) (TIME In Depth) An exclusive look at how the hackers called TITAN RAIN are stealing U.S. secrets


Tongsun Park, Maurice Strong, Reid Morden at Atomic Energy of Canada, By Judi McLeod, Friday, June 30, 2006, re: Oil for food, Canada



[....] Joining the dots also leads to another Canadian connection: [....]

Does the above put a different complexion on the following?

Security, Hackers, Spain, Javier Solana -- today's update

Is Mo's ManyOne.net ready for hack attack on world wide web?, by By David Hawkins, January 19, 2006, posted by styky, 01/ 19/ 06 5:04 pm


[Originally posted here but no longer online:

Short of a cataclysmic event, Canadians will ... begin discovering the world wide reach of the UN Oil-for-Food kickback network, allegedly built for Maurice Strong by Saddam's bankers, BNP Paribas.

Three days before Spain's 2004 election, there was a cataclysmic event.

Al-Qaeda SWAT teams bombed Madrid's main railway station, shooting voters into the arms of Socialists who promptly pulled Spanish troops out of Iraq.

Running a typical protection racket, [....]

... Canadian Auditor General, Sheila Fraser, [....]

On Tuesday, Maurice Strong launched 'http://ManyOne.net' ... Lockheed Martin ... (former Democrat U.S. presidential hopeful and fired ex-NATO boss in Europe, who nearly started World War III in Kosvo).

... can deploy hackers ... cyberespionage ring codenamed 'Titan Rain'.

... scanner program ... test the hackers' ability to sabotage U.S. military systems, including those built by Strong's partner Lockheed Martin.

www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1098371,00.html [....]

3. Update -- possibly of interest also:

Frost Hits the Rhubarb, Dec. 11-17, 2005


Scroll to: Updated: Li Ka-shing Benefactor, CSL & CITIC -&- Follow the Yellow--Red--Brick Road #1 to #7

Scroll down the whole week's postings.

If pressed for time: Frost Hits the Rhubarb, Dec. 16, 05 which is an introduction to a seven-part post.


VOIP , CRTC & More -- Satellite radios: Why did this happen?

FHTR May 8, 2006 #2
Review VoIP RULING, CRTC told, (in the comments) on “Market forces”? Snarf! That ain’t liberal! -- by Joel Johannesen on 05/06/06 on Proud to be Canadian -- comments: Posted by The Patriot from Winnipeg, Manitoba on 05/06 at 08:41 AM


Caution. If you are planning on purchasing a satellite radio, do so in the good ol’ USA. Satellite radios for sale in Canada are manufactured specifically so that they are incapable of receiving a very wide range of US originating radio signals. This is as a result of an agreement between the Canadian broadcast industry (government funded) and the US manufacturers. Buy it in the USA and have unlimited access to satellite radio signals. [....]

On the same FHTR webpage search:

Nfld decides no partner needed for power project CNEWS, May 8, 06

[....] 1972, when the Churchill Falls hydroelectric dam was completed with Quebec's help.

Under that much-maligned deal, Quebec has reaped nearly $1 billion in profit while Newfoundland has gained little. [....]


[....] Ogilvy Renault sent out an internal e-mail yesterday announcing that Derek Burney, Canada's former ambassador to the United States, has joined [....]

[....] Their involvement is often below the radar screen. Bombardier, an Oglivys client, just signed a big deal in China, for example. [....]

More on security:

Frost Hits the Rhubarb September 3, 2005
Update 1: Memo to PM & Canada-China Business Council, Security? Extradition, Military Clawback & Organized Crime in Canada



Tech Transfer Notes PDF -- Security Awareness For Employees July 2005

Part I: Thefts of U.S. technology boost China's weaponry by Bill Gertz


* Chinese spy exposes Chinese espionage network in Europe
By Huang Zhenzhen, Central News Agency

* Chinese students believed to be running industrial ‘spy network' across Europe

* At risk offshore -- U.S. companies outsourcing their software development offshore can get stung by industrial espionage and poor intellectual property safeguards Condensed from an article by Michael Fitzgerald


Extradition: To whose benefit?

Gotcha! Canadian Business, David Baines, 2003-09-29 re:undercover work and Cpl. Bill Majcher of the Vancouver RCMP Integrated Proceeds of Crime Unit [....]


Liberals Break Promise on Accelerating Purchase of Search and . . . . Air force sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, say the statement of requirements has been written and rewritten at least four times over the past year at the request of officials in the office of Defence Minister Bill Graham. (National Post, September 1, 2005) Posted by James Hunter on 12:31:39 2005/09/01


Organized Crime in Canada: A Quarterly Summary January to March, 2005 [....]

A global anti-counterfeit group claims Canada is home to an estimated $20 billion-per-year industry


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