October 28, 2006

Oct. 28, 2006: Al Qaeda warns CA & the band plays on

Update: Screen captures added below

Al-Qaeda warns Canada -- Quit Afghan mission or endure attack like 9/11, threat says , Stewart Bell, National Post, Saturday, October 28, 2006


OTTAWA - An al-Qaeda strategist has warned Canada to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan or face terrorist attacks similar to 9/11, Madrid and the London transit bombings.

The threat, attributed to a member of the al-Qaeda information and strategy committee [Hossam Abdul Raouf], condemns Prime Minister Stephen Harper for refusing to pull out of Afghanistan. [How convenient for the leftists and Liberals ... hmm... Do you suppose it was orchestrated for that reason? Not a spontaneous eruption of genuine feeling? ... Ah, I'm a cynic.]

It also refers to Canada's "fanatic adherence to Christianity" as well as its purported attempts to "damage the Muslims" and its support for the "Christian Crusade" against al-Qaeda.

[....] "They will either be forced to withdraw their forces or face an operation similar to New York, Madrid, London and their sisters, with the help of Allah." [....]

Reaction? ... so far, seemingly, no worries, mate ...

Update: Later reports from CTV Newsnet have the "protest" in 37 cities, although, in the metropolis of Toronto, there were only about 500 protesters. Would that include the MSM reporters and photogrphers? The rent-a-funded-mob gang? Was Jaggi Singh there? The No One Is Illegal crowd?

Who are the Canadian Coalition ... against the war (I think is the full name. Check) with a spokesman I've heard twice at least, a (?) Jackson. NDP leader Jack Layton followed him so maybe it is a member of their international network.

Earlier: I listened to the protesters -- it sounded as though there weren't many. The mainstream media/MSM have been advertising this rally all day. Oh, they pretended to be reporting; yet, first they announced that there would be one, then, they told everyone where the protests would be -- to get the protesters out; then they interviewed a few-repeatedly--a young man, Francisco Juarez, who had left the Canadian military reserves this summer because he is so against the war in Afghanistan. (I heard him twice.). Jack Layton's words against helping Afghanistan were repeated several times. Finally, the MSM have "reported" the news of the protests ... at least 10 or more times, at a conservtive estimate, since I began listening to television around noon.

This is propaganda, not news reporting, nor was there any analysis of what is arguably a debatable venture, nor questioning of who would have organized the protests across the country. Who / what organization(s) organized and funded these protest groups? They certainly were not spontaneous.

I have listened to CTV news and I have never heard mention of the Al Qaeda threat to Canada. At least the article is in the National Post. However, check the feature.

Which would you publicize?...The threat or the protest

Globe and Mail:

Globe and Mail, Oct. 28, 2006: [Some] Canadians protest troops in Afghanistan


National Post:

National Post, Oct. 28, 2006: front page photo of the protest and this Feature: Rallies across country demand return of troops


Toronto Sun, Oct. 28, 2006: Rallies across country urge Ottawa to bring troops home from Afghanistan



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