October 27, 2006

Oct. 27, 2006: Astute and witty

Mark Steyn: America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It


This book isn't an argument for more war, more bombing, or more killing, but for more will. In a culturally confident age, the British in India were faced with the practice of "suttee" - the tradition of burning widows on the funeral pyres of their husbands. General Sir Charles Napier was impeccably multicultural: "You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours." [....]

I think a lively dinner party would include Mark Steyn and Theodore Dalrymple. Out of curiosity, who would you invite? Leave a comment.


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