October 24, 2006

Oct. 24, 2006: Bombardier and related

Update Oct. 25, 2006: three parts

1. CBC has mentioned repeatedly the loss of Quebec jobs but why is there no investigation of why Bombardier, after numerous infusions of taxpayer dollars, is able to (move offshore?) create a wholly-owned business in China, and is thriving there and, apparently, throughout Southeast Asia. Yet Canadians have propped up this business with tax dollars. Investigate and explain to the Canadian taxpayers why this is happening and why taxpayers don't have an interest in Bombardier's foreign business(es).

This might help in investigating: There are more links further down, as well.

2. I inadvertently omitted a link to Apr. 20, 2005.

In exploring why Bombardier in Canada is laying off workers, considering that it seems to own Bombardier Global Express and/or Skyjet International and has work in China, check:

FHTR Apr. 17-22, 2005


Scroll to Apr. 20, 2005:
Bombardier Nortel China to Tibet & More, Vietnamese Truckers, Drug Lords, Triads, Gamblers & Kingpins, Refugees & Immigration--Why the Liberal Haste?

...a wholly-owned venture in Shanghai Bombardier Railway Transportation Equipment (Shanghai) Co Ltd. ... Tibet ... Northeast China‘s Jilin province and eastern Jiangsu province ....

Bombardier's BB Credit Rating & Funding for C-series Regional Jets

Bombardier sells credit unit to GE -- Gets US$1.4B for heart of unit

FHTR October 13, 2005: Bombardier adds jets to order re: Delta ... SkyWest

and much more.

3. Date corrected: FHTR May 15-21, 2005 for the whole week's posts. The link was all right.

End of update

CBC news with Nancy Wilson at noon: Bombardier [The emphasis was the same all day with other news readers.]

The emphasis in the introduction by Nancy Wilson to the news was on loss of Bombardier jobs not the creation of 600 Bombardier jobs in Toronto. Finally, another news reader mentioned it.

Wilson also talked animatedly about the gay marriage issue and, of course, the decision on the terrorism security certificates -- something to do with the definition of terrorism. Check further.

Bombardier aerospace: [Creating 800 jobs in Toronto] -- cutting 1,330 jobs in Montreal and Belfast, as it reduces production of its regional jets to contend with flagging demand.

While the shift in production means a loss of more than 1,300 jobs in Montreal and Belfast, it could mean a creation of 800 jobs at Bombardier Aerospace in Toronto.

The low cost Q400 turboprops are being used by Porter Airlines, which began flying this week out of Toronto's Island Airport.

At their leadership convention, undoubtedly, Liberals will make promises about "initiatives" in Quebec and then, there are always the China / other Southeast Asia deals ... if only they are returned to power.

What is going on with Bombardier? Note that Bombardier has Bombardier Global Express and/or Skyjet International ... so what is failing? Only the work in Canada? Not getting the funds from government? See the Technology Partnerships entry. Check the following.

Bombardier adds jets to order

The New Light of Myanmar, Burma -- Bombardier Global Express

Yangon [Rangoon, Burma], 7 Jan [2003] - Under the arrangement of Air Security International Co in Bangkok, Thailand, and Gold Backed Travels & Tours Co Ltd in Myanmar, 10 tourists arrived here yesterday by Bombardier Global Express (Reg No N 421 SZ) of Eagle Flight Service.

Skyjet International -- Myanmar = Burma

One World. One Vision [PDF]

Skyjet International is [or was] wholly owned by Bombardier, the world’s ... MYANMAR. THAILAND. KAMPUCHEA. VIETNAM. SRI LANKA. LAOS. MALAYSIA. BRUNEI. PHILIPPINES ...

More: FHTR May 15-21, 2005 for the whole week's posts. There are many more items than are listed. [correced date]

Specific items: Search Bombardier in each

Update Oct. 25, 06: This was inadvertently omitted

Melting Moment, IMET, Myanmar / Burma, Business & China -- Search: Bombardier

Canada shipbuilding in Shanghai -- CONNECTING THE POWER -- Search: Bombardier

Bombardier Pork Billions: Technology Partnerships Program, Export Development Canada EDC, Etc.

Also scroll down further for:

Winning in Business in Canada: More Tripping Along the Yellow Brick Road

Mr Desmarais is also a Director of CITIC Pacific Ltd. and Bombardier Inc.

In addition, Mr. Desmarais is Chairman of the Canada China Business Council; ....

End of posts from FHTR May 15-21, 2005


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