October 24, 2006

Oct. 24, 2006: A quick one to start the day

Update: whether Garth Turner should resign and run in a by-election before joining the Green Party--thanks to a correspondent.

The free flow of truthful information

When you know a liberal is lying, how do you respond? Ask the people ... and these are responding to Globe and Mail polls. Coercive governments love hiring their own pollsters and then publishing the polls they support. They could ask the people in referenda. Unfortunately, mainstream media often wax loquacious over polls that they like and ignore the polls they don't. Below are a few poll examples. See if the mainstream media mention them now or during the next pre-election period. Will they investigate further these and other issues ... or ignore what they don't like, as usual?

Caveat: These polls represent only those who chose to respond at that moment, a self-selected group. What leftists fear is that the results could be even worse for the left if they asked voters across the country, including those who live in the boonies who may not read Toronto-centric newspapers or who might be computer illiterate.

These 16974 of 23386 Canadians agree: British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called Islamic veils 'a mark of separation, and that's why it makes other people from outside the community feel uncomfortable.' Do you agree with his point?

Do we want this happening in Canada? -- veil debate -- h/t W


Muslim woman refuses to remove her veil in court, so judge tosses case., Zachary Gorchow, Detroit Free Press, Oct. 21, 2006, posted by starboardside


[....] In metro Detroit, which has one of the country's largest Muslim populations, a small minority of Muslim women - primarily those of Yemeni descent - wear the niqab, said Dawud Walid , executive director of the Michigan branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

"My job in the courtroom is to make a determination as to the veracity of somebody's claim," he said. "Part of that, you need to identify the witness and you need to look at the witness and watch how they testify."

You could choose to fund the Court Challenges Program and SOW ... or choose a tax break

You could allow the leftists to pay your tax dollars to the world's worst polluters, for example, China or Russia, which might benefit a few liberally connected Canadian companies that had been positioned to gain from the Kyoto Accord ... or you could choose to support action on air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies , By Jamie Glazov, FrontPageMagazine.com October 23, 2006

[....] Jackson: The liberal lies are dangerous because ideas have consequences and influence how people think and act. In a healthy and vibrant democracy which depends on the free flow of truthful information, the lies of the left corrode civil society.

[....] In spite of all this positive economic data the liberals continue to claim that the next Great Depression is right around the corner. The fact that the leftist politicians and their allies in the media continue to perpetuate this myth is dangerous in my opinion for a few reasons. First, by constantly claiming that tax cuts only benefit the "rich," the class warriors on the left create an unhealthy atmosphere of envy by pitting the "haves" verse the "have-nots." They also perpetuate the false notion that the government has a responsibility to redistribute wealth acting as an arbiter of economic "fairness." The essence of our great nation I believe is rooted in our entrepreneurial spirit. People come to America to make a better life and have the opportunity of someday becoming as rich as Ted Kennedy and George Sorros. When you penalize the most successful and productive you diminish the incentive to take risks which decreases the chances that the least advantaged in our society will be able to achieve the proverbial "American Dream." Every time socialism has been tried it has always resulted in economic stagnation and lower standards of living. Essentially liberal Democrats aspire toward emulating the very same European socialist system that has resulted in weak growth, high unemployment, and high inflation throughout much of Europe today. [....]

Radio: WKRO in Boston

Book source: Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies: Issue by Issue Responses to the Most Common Claims of the Left from A to Z.

There was a documentary on CBC this week, the part I caught predicting another drought and likely depression on the priairies, along with a few hopeful notes. It is alarming. However, it is unfortunate that in my mind I can no longer divorce the CBC's news and documentary information from its being a Liberal Propaganda Organ and is still propagandizing for the Liberals' Kyoto Accord and to return the Liberals to the spigot. It was no accident that we've had documentaries / films on the charismatic Trudeau, on the poor of the world, specifically the brothel children of India (Get your chequebook out for the do-gooders and for AIDS ... all under the UN's auspices, I expect. Global / UN tax coming.), and other tributes to Liberals and their causes--or what they claim are their causes. We were warned on a CBC Sunday Morning news program that they would be bringing out all the guns to get rid of Stephen Harper's government and its attempt to destroy the system upon which crooks, corruptos and the CBC thrive.

To find truth, Canadians must now go to different sources because they no longer trust the mainstream media to be unbiased. Too much, for the MSM, depends upon their supporting the guys under whose aegis they thrived ... with a little help from the CRTC and taxpayer dollars.

Do you remember F*** off / Fuddle Duddle? Trudeau said the former and claimed to have said the latter. The media frenzy over whether the virtuous and loyal Ms. Stronach had been maligned by a former lover colleague, MP MacKay, is hardly of such magnitude that the MSM should instigate interest ad nauseam. If Mr. MacKay had been a Liberal, he would have been praised for quick wit. Whatever happened in the House--whether a canine insult or not, whether to dogs or for the lady--is simply a waste of time. Many of us do not care.

The dog story serves a political purpose, however. It wastes time, as does the latest story of the lad who has the same name as the PM, a story dutifully reported in the local rags which pretend to print news. To what purpose? Faux news stories replace the significant but they do waste news time and divert attention. Instead of investigating far more important leads, this has been the fodder of the MSM. I refuse to pay for that kind of news. I am waiting for the demise of the public broadcaster. Let it be supported by donors who CHOOSE to support its stance. Choice is the operative word. It is time for the media-leftists-Liberal group hug to end .. along with its time at the taxpayer trough.

Run a poll on that.

The media's lunatic fringe , Ezra Levant, Saturday, October 21, 2006 -- thanks to W.


[....] Stronach has sunk lower and lower since the zenith of her political career -- switching parties (and simultaneously dumping MacKay as her lover) to prop up Paul Martin's scandalous Liberals, in return for a cabinet seat. Since then, her chief accomplishment has been to be simutaneously the chair of the Liberal "women's caucus" and the "other woman" who caused the divorce of Tie and Leanne Domi.

Stronach complains that she is not taken seriously in Parliament, but she offers nothing other than a vanity and self-love that is rivalled only by Garth Turner. MacKay has some of those same attributes -- they were in many ways a perfect couple -- but he has gone on to head the foreign ministry with some success. He generally earns headlines by talking about and making policy. She only earns headlines today by wringing her personal life for tittilating gossip. [....]

It's difficult to play the role of insulted, outraged woman, given this history.

Still, there are the feminists who will need taxpayer dollars for helping downtrodden women. How may the SOW help, Ms. Stronach?

Crisis in Re-Education


In the vanguard of activism are the people, animals, and Plant-Canadians that re-educate our Youth into politically correct members of a caring, feeling, and tax-giving society. One need look no further than the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education to find a role model of our Perfect Future Society, filled with happy Global Village People, singing and dancing around the dried dung fire after a vegetarian feast of bran mush, tree bark, and beetles. But this Utopian Paradise is under attack by budget cutbacks, masterminded by angry white males, bent on an agenda of war crimes, third hand cigarette smoke, heteronormativist racism, and inadequate vegetarian buffets.

Delightful. Do read it.

Federal waste in picture , Greg Weston, Oct. 22, 06, Ottawa Sun

[....] We begin our tour of the portrait gallery money pit back in the late 1990s, when the American embassy abandoned its stately digs across from Parliament Hill to take up residence nearby in a smashing new edifice that looks remarkably like a penitentiary with a missile silo on the roof.

The old U.S. embassy being a heritage site, then Heritage Minister Sheila Copps tried to have the whole place renovated for her own office (be thankful that got nixed) and finally announced in 2001 that it would be used for a new national portrait gallery — to be built at a cost of $18.5 million.

Two years later, the government signed a $2-million contract with a consortium of distinguished architects, and another $1 million deal for construction supervision. And that’s where the fun began. [....]

Read the first two paragraphs and you'll understand, AdamSmith, Oct. 21, 2006 15:37, h/t a Blue Blogging Tory

You will be glad you looked. Mitchell Raphael is funny: Photos: Signature Liberal Leader Poses, Oct. 13, 06 via SmallDeadAnimals

You won't be able to resist reading what he writes of each pose.

In a Nutshell: Occam's Razor , Sean Carrie, National Post, October 23, 2006

Really taking back the night

'Three-strikes' law will make streets safer, Ted Byfield, Calgary Sun, Oct. 23, 06


[....] The message that reached the really violent criminals was: If they lock you up for a month for turnstile-jumping or graffiti-painting, what will they do for robbery?

It just wasn't worth it.

Worth reading. An excerpt does not do it justice.

Creating news?

Note that the bulk of the article talks of the frugality, but what is the slant? A late filing becomes ... , Bruce Cheadle, Oct. 23, 06, CP, posted by forty_sum, 10/23/2006 07:32:53


When a minister's lone hospitality claim over three months is a $16.99 grocery bill for a party to celebrate the work of 15 ministerial staff, or $44.31 for "refreshments" for 14 people, the public has every right to be skeptical, according to Schafer.

The "you can't win" department, no matter how frugal ... because they're conservatives. The media and its "experts" (Arthur Schafer, director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba, who has attended many a funded faculty fest, I would guess.) can't believe the difference. I can, simply because that is the way so many Canadians actually live. It's pot luck or cheap and cheerful. Oh, yes, and BYOB.


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