October 23, 2006

Oct23, 2006: CRA-Merck Frosst ... Drugs

News of this notice of tax assessment at $2-billion, the largest in the [CRA] agency's history ... in Workopolis?

Merck plans to fight Canadian tax assessment , workopolis.com / Globe and Mail, October 20, 2006


The Canada Revenue Agency is examining the tax returns of Merck Frosst Canada Inc. from 1998 through 2004 ....." Published reports put the notice of assessment at $2-billion, the largest in the agency's history, and stem from Merck's patent for its asthma drug Singulair, which generated sales of $950-million (U.S.) in the second quarter this year. The drug was developed in Montreal, although the patent was later transferred to Barbados [....]

Merck mum on reported $2 billion tax tab, CanWest News Service; Montreal Gazette, October 20, 2006


[....] The Kirkland, Que., subsidiary of Merck & Co. the fourth-largest drug maker in the United States has acknowledged the Canada Revenue Agency is now reviewing seven years' worth of its tax returns. [....]

Merck said to face $2-billion tax bill , Victoria Times Colonist / CanWest, Oct. 20, 06


There are drugs ... and then, there are drugs ... you know, "Got a headache: Take a pill" kind of drugs.

Which drugs was Myriam Bedard referring to? Search: drugs in
FHTR August 11, 2005


And then there are the power drugs: advocacy and lobbying

Unelected women's groups who claim to support women are upset ... demanding ... money for advocacy and lobbying, canadaeast.com , Oct. 23, 06


[....] Rosella Melanson of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women says if funding cannot be used for advocacy and lobbying [....]

Federal Status of Women Minister Bev Oda says previous governments talked too much and did too little about improving equality. [....]

"New Brunswick groups say federal cuts will silence efforts for women" -- to which I say, ah, gee. You do not represent most of us; you are not elected so why should taxpayers support your lobbying which has had ramifications far beyond the issues you advertise? There have been posts on this lately.

Did anyone notice this? When the Governor General appeared in an official capacity, perhaps to give a speech on the fiftieth anniversary of the Hungarian revolution, a group of men protested their disadvantage--inadequate and/or biased treatment before the law in divorce, custody, access, support and alimony cases--in order to publicize their problems. Perhaps disbanding the Status of Women right now would be a good idea. Treat men and women as equals. Women need shelters but so do men. Let's stop favouring one sex--female--over the other. Lobbying, we don't need. Those interested in helping may contact or visit the local MP to publicize the problem and request help.

The living well needs money drug

Beaverbrook heirs say N.B. masterpieces needed to fix up family estate -- The foundation is claiming ownership of 133 paintings worth at least $100 million., canadaeast.com , Oct. 23, 06


The gun lobby myths ... drug for the mind

Lorne Gunter on the gun registry and its effectiveness , Oct. 23, 06, NatPost


Last Monday in this space, I wrote that Canada should not consider banning guns in light of last month's Dawson College shootings. Many commentators and politicians, particularly in urban centres, have been calling for a prohibition on the civilian ownership of guns. "Why does anyone other a soldier or police officer need a weapon?," has been a common refrain.

I asked why take the legal property of law-abiding citizens when there is every reason to believe such a confiscation will have no beneficial impact on gun crime? [....]

Worth reading ... statistics included.

Women's groups have been supportive of the men are violent myth so, if people have to "register" their guns, then women won't have to suffer men's violence. There is, naturally, not mention of women's violent nature, nor their other effective methods of destroying another's self-esteem and more. The weapons are different but both sexes use them. Only one sex gets to form government supported groups to lobby for money ... to lobby some more. There has been talk of Marc Lepine [shooting 14 in Montreal] lately, but he was never identified as Gamil Gharbi, nor was his background mentioned [violent, Algerian father, battered woman, ex-nun], just repetition of the mantras about the gun registry. He is just a poster boy for the movement.


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