October 22, 2006

Oct. 22, 2006: MMV LE3 Video

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Video Clip: MMV LE3 -- "Coverage of the Multi-Mission Virtual Vehicle Lab Evaluation 3 (MMVV LE3) held at General Dynamics Canada in Ottawa, in Sep 2006", CTV News Ottawa (CJOH)


Backgrounder from DND/CF National Defence and Canadian Forces

Multi-Role Combat Vehicles Technology Demonstration Project (MRCV TDP) , BG–06.032 - September 28, 2006


The Multi-Role Combat Vehicles Technology Demonstration Project (MRCV TDP) is being demonstrated during a time of rapid and revolutionary transformation for the Canadian Army. The future battlefield will have extensive information available at all levels. With the US Army investing heavily in network-centric command and control, multi-role munitions and platforms, and robotics, it is essential for the Canadian Army to ensure its interoperability with the US and its other allies.

[....] MRCV TDP will result in a virtual vehicle that simulates advanced technologies, enabling the evaluation of operator and technology performance, battlefield effectiveness and interoperability with US forces. This concept offers a revolutionary increase in military capability, with enormous promise for enhancing combat effectiveness while improving the flexibility of employment and reducing crew size and logistics requirements.

Results from this experiment will be relevant to Army transformation objectives in both Canada and the United States. [....]


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