October 18, 2006

Oct. 18, 2006: Court Challenges Program Update

To take action, follow this link: Write your MP and strongly suggest that the Court Challenges Program stay dead.

A comment left by a blogger related to Bud Talkinghorn's article (link below) led me to the following. Thanks, Neo Conservative, for writing (link below).

The Background to the comments:

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Oct. 3, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn

What is ... The Law Commission of Canada, anyway?


Bud wrote: "They come across as far-left lobbyists, who are joined at the hip with the Court Challenges crowd."

I added to Bud's with this post:
Oct. 3, 2006: Let's look at the Law Commission's Experts and their concerns.


I suggest you read this and then the article which follows it.

Neo Conservative

Robbing Peter & robbing Paul , by Halls of Macadamia, Neo Conservative, Oct. 17, 06



It called on the federal government to not only increase funding, but also to ensure the program’s long-term financial stability. [....]

I've just been waiting for the Rastafarians to use the argument that marijuana is their sacred religious artifact, and [....]

Clear, worth reading.

This is the most informative article I have seen on the Court Challenges Program

Premier's propaganda in favour of Court Challenges Program , Church and State October 02, 2006


It is well documented.

"You know when you start taking away funding from minority groups just because ..."

How do you be polite discussing the mentality and fanatical ideology of someone who treats the taxpayer funding of anybody as the normative baseline for moral behaviour, let alone the kind of anti-family socialist zealots of the Court Challenges Program?

[....] Court Challenges Program Axed! An End to Tax Payer Funded Advocacy

I) What is the Court Challenges Program (CCP)?

II) Legacy of the CCP

III) Its Radical History

IV) An Unaccountable Biased Program

[.... To skip the rest and read the full article on the Church and State website, click here]

I) What is the Court Challenges Program (CCP)?

“The CCP has since 1985 funded dozens of high-profile court cases challenging the validity of federal and provincial laws in the name of feminism, gay rights, visible minorities, refugees, prisoners and the criminally accused.”


[....] In reality, the CCP has been a means to funnel government funds to special interest organizations in order to bypass Parliament and use the courts to challenge and change Canada’s laws with the help of taxpayer dollars.

As one critic put it, “no other federal program or law has done more damage to Canadian democracy. No other has so fundamentally altered Canadian society without recourse to Parliament.”


[....] II) Legacy of the Court Challenges Program

“The CCP has never funded any cases other than those brought by leftist special interests in its 21 years of underwriting challenges to the Charter’s equality provisions.” Lorne Gunter, National Post September 27, 2006


Here are some examples of what special interest groups have used tax payer dollars for through the Court Challenges Program:

4)To challenge federal obscenity laws (Little Sisters Bookstore).

5)To give federal prisoners the right to vote, previously prohibited under the Canada Election Act, through a Supreme Court decision.

[....] III) History of the CCP

“The Trudeau government launched the Court Challenges Program in 1978. It was designed to let language groups ratchet up pressure on the provinces to provide more bilingual services
using the language guarantees in the British North America Act and, later, the Charter of Rights. In 1985, the Mulroney government extended the CCP to fund “equality seeking groups,” namely feminist, multicultural, gay, lesbian, and other groups
…. The CCP has encouraged some groups to by-pass the political process by using the courts instead.

[....] IV) An Unaccountable Biased Program [.... Do not miss reading this.]
That gives an idea of what happens when politicians seek to gain the votes of groups--identifiable groups, political pressure groups ...

To take action, follow this link: Write your MP and strongly suggest that the Court Challenges Program stay dead.

More background:

FHTR Sept. 24, 2006


Scroll to:

Update: The Court Challenges Program , rosemarie59


Background on Feminism, SOW & Abortion Rights [SOW = Status of Women]

Sept. 27, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn

[....] It is an interesting coincidence that Fry's announcement comes on the heels of Harper's slashing some of her most favourite things. Gone is the Court Challenges Program

FHTR Sept. 24, 2006


Sept. 27, 2006: Why they'll whine ...

All the way to the taxpayer-funded trough

Don't expect the CCP to go quietly ... and taxpayers are forbidden to learn specifics. , Lorne Gunter, NatPost, Sept. 27, 06


Tories' program cuts see $1B savings -- Another $1B planned -- axed "the Court Challenges Program, which paid tax dollars to the lawyers of special interest groups to fight government legislation in court", James Gordon, CanWest, September 26, 06



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