October 12, 2006

Oct. 12, 2006: Various

Update: corrected title: I had written Feb. 12 2006.

I have already posted earlier today the difficulties of posting screen captures to prove a point, on missing images and links that disappear. There are more.

Consider: If the article concerns the former federal government--Liberal, a few members of that political elite, their network and their plans--maybe even screen captures from one province's websites having to do with the UN/UNESCO--that kind of thing, then ... something just happens ... so maybe you should dig deeper ... or perhaps I am just extraordinarily inept at posting those particular items ... Do you suppose?

Any contortion for Quebec votes?

Ignatieff: Israel's attack on Qana a 'war crime' -- Remarks made on Quebec television , Graeme Hamilton, National Post, October 11, 2006


[....] In an interview on a widely watched Quebec talk show, Mr. Ignatieff apologized for comments in August when he told a newspaper he was "not losing sleep" over an Israeli bombing that killed dozens of civilians in the Lebanese village of Qana.

"It was a mistake. I showed a lack of compassion. It was a mistake and when you make a mistake like that, you have to admit it," he told the French-language Radio-Canada program Tout le monde en parle.

"I was a professor of human rights, and I am also a professor of the laws of war, and what happened in Qana was a war crime, and I should have said that. That's clear."

Mohamed Elmasry [....]

But these are honourable men ... It just might help, of course, to gain the Muslim vote ... but then, identifiable ethnic groups do not vote as a bloc ... do they? ... Nothing calculating here ... mais non.

Join The Nopigou Club , Terence Corcoran, Financial Post, October 11, 2006


[....] With that, Mr. Greenspan appears to be jumping aboard a campaign by Harvard economist N. Gregory Mankiw to enlist support for higher gas taxes. His blog promotes membership in The Pigou Club, named after Arthur C. Pigou, an early 20th century welfare economist who promoted the idea of using taxes to fix social and other problems allegedly created by a free market economy. Among the backers of Pigovian taxes, especially on gasoline, are economists often associated with Republican governments, including Martin Feldstein and Mr. Mankiw himself. Other not-so-Republican members include Al Gore and Paul Krugman.

Canadians, of course, will recognize the idea as a core element in Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff's environmental program. [....]

There is no end to the planning mayhem that could be generated once Pigovian taxes become the economic norm. Taxes on cigarettes have risen hundreds of per cent over the years, in part to offset the alleged externality of rising costs of treating cancer and other diseases caused by smoking. Still people smoke. Anything that can be politically whipped up into an unwanted development -- taxes on food to reduce obesity, taxes on alcohol to reduce alcoholism, taxes on babies to reduce population growth -- or subsidies on babies to boost population. [....]

The problem with a Pigovian gasoline tax is that it means using the same tools that failed planners everywhere over the past century. None of this stuff is measurable. [....]

There's nothing new in Pigou, no matter how he's dressed up by Prof. Mankiw. [....]

We have allowed this to happen, Andrew Coyne, National Post, October 11, 2006


[....] The world's worst dictators, it is now clear, may acquire the world's most destructive weapons with impunity -- even as a new breed of macro-terrorists advertise themselves as potential after-market customers. Either we do not recognize this for the existential threat that it is, or we cannot summon the nerve, collectively or individually, to take the steps required to save ourselves.

Hardly had the lady on the North Korean news finished announcing the country's latest "great leap forward" before denial began to set in. [....]

So the Security Council will meet, it will "recognize" this and "deplore" that, but no one believes it will do much else. [....]

We simply do not have the stomach for this fight. [....]

Asia Weighs Risk of Sanctions -- North Korea's Neighbors Fear Pressure May Breed Regional Chaos, by GORDON FAIRCLOUGH in Shanghai, EVAN RAMSTAD in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA, and JAY SOLOMON in Washington, October 11, 2006; Page A4, Shai Oster in Beijing and Lina Yoon in Seoul contributed to this article.


As the United Nations Security Council mulls sanctions against North Korea [....]

[....] Yesterday, China's U.N. Ambassador Wang Guangya told reporters China is willing to back "some punitive actions" but said those actions "have to be appropriate."

Still, the U.S. push for comprehensive sanctions that could topple the Kim regime is likely to be resisted by China and South Korea. "China won't agree to very stern sanctions," said Tao Wenzhao, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. A collapse of the North Korean regime would cause "serious economic and social problems for China" and "be bad for stability in Northeast Asia," he said.

[....] In South Korea, the approach taken by President Roh Moo Hyun -- trying to engage the North with economic incentives -- has meant regime change was rarely discussed in public. In the wake of the claimed nuclear test, some opposition lawmakers are starting to raise the topic.

[....] a military junta. [....]

civil war, [....]

A collapse of the Kim regime would also likely spark economic dislocation [....]

the cost of unifying North and South Korea [....]

a potential refugee exodus to China's economy [....]

... Pacific Forum CSIS think tank in Honolulu, an arm of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, [....]

"But if the cost of not having regime change is having it as a demonstrated nuclear state, then maybe that cost is too high," he said. "It's got to be the Chinese and South Koreans who say enough is enough."

Inside North Korea and other videos listed on the CNEWS Forum -- AnnieO_01 and tordor

North Korea - Children of the Secret State video




Jailed for having sex in Mosque -- via PuntedPosters


Building: an insult? -- via starboardside



Photo: First Kiss , posted by Elwood


Page Scandal Goes Deeper, Congressmen Stalked Them , By Ronald Kessler

The scandal involving inappropriate e-mail messages by former Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., to congressional pages understandably has led to calls for abolishing the page program. [....]

Media accounts of Foley’s sordid instant messages inevitably have recounted the previous 1983 scandals involving Rep. Daniel B. Crane, R-Ill. and a 17-year-old female page, and Rep. Gerry Studds, D-Mass. and a 17-year-old male page.

But the stories rarely mention the reforms instituted after the 1983 scandals. Before the scandals, Congress appointed 14- and 15-year-olds and let them run loose in Washington without any supervision. Pages had no dormitory and no curfews.. As long as the pages brought them coffee and delivered their messages, members of Congress did not seem to care if minors entrusted to them became corrupted.

For my book “Inside Congress,” I interviewed Capitol Police officers, pages, and congressional staffers who described conditions back then. Most of the female pages lived in a four-story brick building that was formerly the Young Woman’s Christian Home. It became known as “virgin village.” [....]

Rep. Shays: Foley Scandal No Chappaquiddick


Bush: Foley Behavior 'Disgusting,' Backs Hastert


Crazy Like a Fox (News), October 11, 2006, By Debra Saunders, Creators Syncidate


As Fox News celebrates its 10-year anniversary, media watchers should appreciate how Fox, which tilts right, has provided balance to major new operations such as CNN and The New York Times, which tilt left.

Go to most newsrooms and you'll find a staff that overwhelmingly voted for John Kerry in 2004, while the rest keep their politics to themselves lest they be considered biased. A survey of the Washington press corps found that 89 percent voted for Bill Clinton in 1992. It's true, most reporters do their level best to tell a story straight and present both sides. To use Fox-speak, most reporters I know strive to be "fair and balanced."

But they can't escape the presumptions that underlie their stories, and they are likely not to notice the presumptions when all the newsroom management thinks alike. That's how illegal immigrants became "undocumented workers" and global warming became a certainty.

A Bubba tirade followed, when an answer would have worked fine. As Wallace told The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz, the surprising thing was that he (Wallace) was the only TV interviewer among many to ask Clinton that question, even though Clinton had been complaining about an ABC miniseries that faulted his handling of bin Laden.

It is amazing no one else asked. It goes to show that Fox News keeps American media fair and balanced.

What's New? , Maclean's June 19, 2006


For years, police and CSIS spooks have kept a close eye on the Salaheddin Islamic Centre, a former warehouse in east-end Toronto. From the comfort of their cars, anonymous agents watched Ahmed Said Khadr - Osama bin Laden's senior man in Canada - pray and mingle and collect donations for the global jihad. They monitored the movements of Mahmoud Jaballah, the principal of the centre's elementary school, who was later jailed for his alleged ties to terror. Muayyed Nureddin. Helmy Elsherief. Hassan Farahat. All were, at one time or another, regulars at the Scarborough mosque - and the targets of Canadian intelligence officials. Spies are such a fixture around the low brick building that worshippers often joke about bumping into them at the Tim Hortons down the street.

So Muhammad Robert Heft thought it a tad strange that his acquaintance, Fahim Ahmad - one of the alleged leaders of a Toronto terror cell busted last week - chose the Salaheddin mosque, of all places, to hand him a DVD promoting the jihadist martyrs of Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq. "That's one of the most-watched masjids in Canada," says Heft, using the Arabic word that denotes a Muslim place of worship. "I thought he was pretty naive to be handing out stuff like that publicly and thinking he wasn't going to be a suspect." [....]

Even if police are ahead of the so-called Jihad 2.0 generation, there are nagging questions about the safety of major targets in Canada, an issue advocates have spent years trying to get on the public radar. The most vocal, Senator Colin Kenny, remains frustrated by the refusal of successive governments to "harden" key installations like border bridges, airports, docklands and power stations. "Of 19 designated ports in Canada, we've still got only 27 Mounties assigned to national security," observes Kenny, a Liberal who, as chair of the standing Senate committee on national security and defence, has produced several reports detailing security shortcomings across the country. Tests at Canadian airports show an "intrusion rate" - i.e. the percentage of knives, guns and bomb materials missed by security screeners - in the high teens, Kenny adds. "That's worse than the ones in the U.S." [....]

Debbie Schlussel: Western Union: Hawala for Illegal Alien Paymasters , via newsbeat1

[...] This is the story of doing the job some Americans just won't do. The Arizona Attorney General is doing the job against Western Union that one American, Julie L. Myers, head of ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement), just won't do--investigating the pay scheme that gets illegal aliens smuggled into the U.S. from Mexico. Stopping the money flow will aid in stopping the illegal alien flow. ...

How do illegal alien smugglers get paid? They get money wired to them in Mexico from others here in the U.S. . . . VIA WESTERN UNION.

That's right Western Union is the legal Hawala (Islamic money transfer system) for illegal aliens, only in this case it's not necessarily Muslim.

The Wall Street Journal story


CBC Watch Commentary on coverage of an article:

Rona Ambrose's environmental challenge: Conservative minister must convince Canadians that the government cares
L. Ian MacDonald
Montreal Gazette Op-ed

See comments here: Get rid of the CBC! , Oct. 7, 06


[....] As well, does anyone notice a glaring inconsistency in CBC News' coverage of the Mark Foley scandal as it relates to Republican house speaker Dennis Hastert?

Through their coverage, the CBC is suggesting that Hastert should resign over the Foley scandal because he either should have known what was going on much earlier or he was incompetent, ignoring a memo that had been circulated by a former congressional page.

Hmmm. Isn't this the same CBC whose bias coverage during Adscam attempted to rehabilitate Paul Martin's image by refuting critics who suggested he should've known that something was not right with the sponsorship program or should've resigned do to incompetence? And on that issue, there was also a memo sent to Martin, one that he denies having gotten.

As well, the CBC is trying to make the entire Republican Party wear the Foley scandal by stating over and over again that the fmr. Congressman is from a party that preaches morals and values, while having employed the "don't taint an entire party for the action of a few" spin in an attempt to minimize damage to the Liberals over Adscam.

Yep, that's the type of consistency that comes from the CBC.

As well, like the bias of omission evident in the description of Kimveer Gill, what the CBC doesn't want you to know is that Foley is in no way a social conservative and is more in line with Democrat/liberal values as a result of his support for abortion, gay marriage, gay adoption, and that he even received $10,000 from a gay rights organization to help fund his campaign.

A little bit of compare and contrast (getting your news from multiple sources) is the best way to see how deep the CBC's bias truly is.





It seems that the CBC (and other MSM) is taking a do-or-die-stand on Kyoto. The MSM has gone so far down the support path of an obvious Hoax (hockey stick graph) that they would lose all credibility if they admitted it now. Well, the MSM may be whistling past the grave yard, but guess what ?? With the help of the Internet and Blogs, Canadians are now educated on Kyoto and KNOW that it is a HOAX and that the MSM is guilty of bias, lies, misleading, and being IRRELEVANT !!! They have indeed Met Their Waterloo.

LIEberals "still" don't get it


Ordinary Canadians can't be faulted this week for wondering what, exactly, it will take for the LIEberal party of Canada to recognize that families and taxpayers want accountability and good, clean government from Ottawa.

This week's release of the Public Service Commission of Canada's annual report highlighted yet another tale of the LIEberal treachery at the tax payer trough. In this latest display of arrogance, newly defeated ministers of the previous LIEberal government used their clout to create phantom jobs in the public service for their trusted aides, allowing them to bypass a wait list.

In other words, the LIEberals once again abused their power to give preferential treatment to their friends-at the expense of the Canadian tax payer.[....]

Apple's "Mecca Project" Provokes Muslim Reaction -- photo of building -- a new insult to the peaceful ones , October 11, 2006 -- via

Precious: First Kiss -- to restore your sense of humour


Prime Minister Stephen Harper's speech on receiving the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service

PM announces Canada's Clean Air Act

[....] If passed, Canada’s Clean Air Act will allow the government to:

# Move industry from voluntary compliance to strict enforcement;

# Replace the current ad hoc, patchwork system with clear, consistent, and comprehensive national standards; and

# Institute a holistic approach that doesn’t treat the related issues of pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions in isolation.

The Prime Minister said his government will consult extensively with industry, the provinces and territories to ensure these new regulations get measurable results on realistic timelines.

Canada’s Clean Air Act will be introduced in the House of Commons next week.

Appearance vs reality

I don't believe that the Liberal Kyoto plans were intended to actually accomplish anything. Check the businesses involved in expensive plans and whether, also, Kyoto was intended as a money transfer. From my reading, there was to be a transfer of $$$ from those in the West to those in the polluting industries in the East ... or Far East. Check further, memory being elusive.


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