October 06, 2006

Oct. 6, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn

When are we going to stop arming our enemies?

Unless we wean ourselves from our gas dependency, the West is doomed to feeding the countries that despise us and want to see democracy's champion, America, destroyed. At present, the West has to pretend that the Saudis are not using our billions to finance crazy Wahhabi schools all over the world. It is these schools that preach the Islamofascism that fuels the terrorist attacks. Saudi Arabia only came on board the anti-jihad train when they were attacked internally. Before that, the Saudis wouldn't even allow the FBI to investigate the Khobar Towers massacre of U.S. Marines. The same goes for the Gulf States--where a strong minority of the Kuwaitis hate America. They have scary short-term memories obviously for who saved them from Saddam. As for the Euro-socialists, do they really believe that democracy can survive with a prostate America?

Having to depend on these ideological enemies in the Middle East is one thing; but now we have to put up with Hugo Chavez and his demogogic buddies in South America too. Watching Chavez foaming at the mouth in his U.N. anti-America/Great Britain speech was instructive. Morales of Bolivia--that leader with six years of formal schooling--is going to nationalize his natural gas fields, as well as legalize coca production. The latter only for home consumption he promises. There has been a steady drift from democratic governments to totalitarianism. The old military dictators have given way to some far more frightening, the peasant populist hordes. As they drive their countries into penury, they will become more desperate. The wealth-producing people will leave--with their loot--and the despots' anti-West rhetoric will reach hysterical levels.

Compounding our problems is the thirst for oil that the Communist Chinese have to keep their economy afloat. For them, besides the oil pool Venezuela represents, Chavez has the right ideological bent. Russia is another, who supports the "visionary" leader of Iran, purely for the oil, of course. This support of the Iranian Muslim fanaticism does not extend to their Islamic Chechen brothers. Grozny cum-Dresden has become the symbol of that divide.

So long as I wouldn't have to traverse the highways in my smart car shadowed by behemoth pick-ups and SUVs, I would support minimalizing our vehicles. The Americans can abandon their trillion dollar lost war in Iraq and pump it into their Gulf of Mexico finds and the Alberta tar sands. Along with this, the West can tax the gas dragons off the road. The majority of these never get closer to the wild then the local mall parking lot anyway. Only then may we say "adieu" to our treacherous allies.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Freedom of speech is coming back in vogue

Thanks to the Conservatives we may actually see a bill to protect freedom of speech. It is needed to protect people who either do not want to deal with gays or who criticize their lifestyles. The Liberals and NDP have set up a cultural petting zoo, where gays, Muslims, and aboriginals are exempted from any statement that might hurt their delicate feelings. Naturally, even to suggest that these groups have an agenda is anathema to the human rights clique. This proposed legislation would be aimed specificallly at the religious prohibitions against homosexuality that most faiths hold. Islam favours direct action against gays, namely killing or imprisoning them. Most Christian faiths content themselves with the belief these people will answer to God.

Just how selective the human rights crowd can be was seen in London a few years ago. Police stood guard outside a soccer stadium, while inside an imam was exhorting 6,000 Muslims to murder homosexuals. The only person arrested was a white Englishman, who was picketting with an anti-Muslim placard. So much for Britain's vaunted "hate speech " laws. The only thing missing from our current social engineering edicts is a Royal Commission on how many socialists can dance on the head of a pin.

Already, our freedom of speech is being threatened by Muslim fundamentalists. Plays are cancelled in Holland, operas in Germany, cartoons deleted from newspapers in Canada, because the Islamic populous might be offended. A few death threats against the producers helped convince them. Of course, back in their home countries there is no freedom of speech. To speak out against a government-approved play could lead to their deaths. Even the Pope has made what was taken as an apology for quoting a 14th century bishop about the barbarous massacre that befell Constantinople when the Muslim invaders conguered it. Now, historical fact is verboten if it offends ... Muslims.

We cannot afford to lose our precious right to speak our truths. That is happening more and more in our politically correct-speak universities. Either hew to the leftist prof's nostrums, or watch your grades slip. The left has taken to classifying any social statement they consider inflammatory as "bozo eruptions". That effectively, (although it shouldn't) silences most public figures. Every Conservative politician knows better than to proclaim his Christian convictions. Yet, the NDP can state the most appalling nonsense about rampant homophobia and "institutionized racism" without a blip of criticism. [It might be apropos here to mention Ann Coulter's book on liberalism as a religion. Check further on NewsMax. FHTR]

While it is a given that this freedom of speech legislation will meet ferocious opposition from the left of the political spectrum, it is worth proposing. Let Trudeau's Charter of Rights gang try to defend why this legislation should be judged illegal. As for the Liberals' core belief that The Charter cannot be changed, perhaps they can be reminded of Paul Martin's publicly stating that he would rip the notwithstanding clause out of the The Charter, so no one could invoke it. I am looking forward to the upcoming debate. It will be a battle that might enlighten Canadians as to the plight of free speech in this country.

© Bud Talkinghorn

"Lost in the Struggle"--A critique of the CBC program

Immediately, I was infuriated by these portrayals of three young thugs from the Jane-Finch projects in Toronto. It opened with a 20 year old Vietnamese-Canadian, who bragged about his long juvenile criminal record, topped up by one as an adult offender. Assault with a weapon figured prominently. Why, I asked myself is this thug out on the street? That pistol he keeps waving, is that registered? Has the Toronto justice system collapsed completely? Another, a teenager of Bangladeshi background, is actively involved with passing counterfeit money. Dealing drugs and/or robbing drug dealers appeared to be the job of choice for two of them. Yet another kid, this one black, is on probation; yet, in the documentary is shown smoking dope and musing about how he might have to do something legitimate. This one is on strict home arrest while on probation. However, everytime the parole office shows up at his home, he is gone. He and his single mom grouse about how the cops are hassling him. When he finally turns himself in, he is released to his supposedly responsible mother. [I must say, Bud, this infuriated me too. The documentary filmmakers are filming this; I would be turning these young criminals in and testifying against them. FHTR]

What comes across forcefully is how incredibly brazen these gangsters are about their crimes. They don't seem to mind being recorded doing their various nafarious deeds. Obviously, they have no fear of judicial punishment. As far as their bogus claims to want to go straight, one is later seen involved in dealing marijuana, the Bangla-Canadian kid is still passing off fake money and admitting that the next step up is credit card fraud. The black boy is enraged because he can't get a job with his record and lack of education. Maybe the fact that he can't conclude a sentence without the F-world in it might be a drawback ... or, when unduly agitated, stringing F nouns, creatively backed up with F adjectives to a resounding F-strenthening adverb to his concluding F verb. Yet, when one employer takes a chance on him, he quits within two weeks. However, he has an expectant "baby momma" to support. One doesn't have to guess what his next job will be, or where, even with our shamefully lax court system, he will eventually end up. Personally, I'm putting my money on jail or six feet under.

© Bud Talkinghorn

The never-ending CBC hatchet job & Rabinovitch's missing report

Despite their dismal audience numbers, the CBC continues to let itself become an anti-Conservative vehicle. Recently it was revealed in The Globe and Mail that Mr. Rabinovitch, the CBC president, has not released a special report on whether CBC is biased in their coverage. The Heritage Ministry claims that he never sent it to them. Rabinovitch maintains he did. The case of the missing report is informative. The president is fully aware of how left-wing the corporation has become. If anything, the CBC has become naked in its attacks on all things conservative. Tonight's Thursday National news was a classic example. The first three top news items were sliced and diced to show the opposition to the the government budget cuts. Boo hoo, the Status of Women is unhappy about the cuts to their activist agendas. How can you bash the patriarchy if government--that is, taxpayers--won't pay for it? Kyoto, its the gold standard for the Opposition, but they couldn't stop the Liberals from allowing Canada to exceed its pollution promise by 34%. Those who live in toxic houses shouldn't throw carbon dioxide. However, that doesn't stop them from trying to pin Rona Ambrose as the architect of climate destruction. This is the type of bias that will alienate the general public. If the Friends of the CBC want this tripe let them pay for it. I check it out sporadically to see what the enemy is saying. But as one media commentaor said. "What, CBC was on strike? I'm so sorry I didn't notice. The endless re-runs of old stuff seemed par for the course."

Rabinovitch must have a second copy of the bias report, so why is he not providing it to the Minister Bev Oda and the Heritage Ministry, hence to us? After all, we do pay for this socialist dreck.

While the CBC doesn't admit its personal prejucices, it has come to this critical website numerous times. I hope they come to read this post.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Bud, Mr. Rabinovitch must be ... what's that Parliamentary word for it? ... dissembling? ... misspeaking oneself? ... If the word dissembling is good enough for the extremists claiming to follow Mohammed, it's good enough for the head of the D***** CBC.......That's Dismal CBC for those of you whose minds descended to the gutter ... or thought mine had. FHTR


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