October 06, 2006

Oct. 4, 2006: The Senate

Is the home of the recipients of Liberal sinecures in danger?

CTV News has learned that Senator Raymond Lavigne, who was sued for using staff to cut down trees near his cottage, wants taypayers to pay for his legal bills. -- "estimated at almost $90,000", CTV.ca, Oct. 5, 06. With a report by CTV's Graham Richardson in Ottawa


[....] Critics of the Senate already question whether being a senator is actually a full-time job, requiring such high budgets.

Liberal Senator Marie-P. Poulin has almost managed to complete her full-time law degree while still sitting in the Senate. [....]

There is more fun weekend reading so read it all.

I personally know of a man who worked full time in Quebec who would leave, ostensibly to visit another branch of ... but he would attend university in Montreal during his workday. His secretary fielded enquiries. He subsequently received the degree he wished and was hired by CIDA at a considerable increase in salary. Strange how the unethical thrive, isn't it? Of course, the good senator may be attending classes at night and working on the weekend for the good of Canadian citizenry, in that she will become more valuable.

"The Government is not looking for a report. We are seeking action. Honourable Senators, years of delay on Senate reform must come to an end. And it will. For the Senate must change."

- Prime Minister Stephen Harper, September 7th, 2006

The introduction of Bill S-4, An Act to Amend the Constitution Act, 1867, an Act that proposes to limit Senate terms to eight years for new Senators, is the first practical and achievable step toward that reform.

Prime Minister Harper also pledged before the Senate Committee to introduce, in the future, a bill in the House of Commons that would seek to create a process to choose elected Senators.

Ordinary taxpayers and families applauded the Prime Minister's efforts to bring about reform to an institution badly in need of it. Liberal elites, however, scoffed. They like the Senate the way it is: unelected, unaccountable, and increasingly obstructionist.

As we have seen this summer and fall, the Liberal-dominated Senate is holding up the passing of the Federal Accountability Act. Having lost an election on the issue of accountability, the Liberals refuse to acknowledge the fact that Canadians want clean and transparent government. Who knows how many other Commons-approved Bills will meet the same fate in a Liberal-dominated Senate?

Liberal Senators and MPs need to understand that the people of Canada will not take no for an answer on Senate reform.
Add your voice and help us change Ottawa. [....]

It is time to call or write to your Senator that you would like them to help clean up the corruption revealed and that which may be found yet.


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