October 03, 2006

Oct. 3, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn: Hi, my name is ...

Congressman Mark Foley and I'm an alcoholic

Don't you love it when a Kennedy, Foley or some other big shot politician gets caught doing the dirty? The immediate response is that they are suffering from some drug problem [or mental problem] and they are immediately going into rehab for it. [Remember Svend Robinson? FHTR]. We are supposed to believe that some guy, who has a wife and three children, only sends homo-erotic e-mails to 16 year old male pages because he is soused all the time. Whatever happened to picking up some female barfly down at the local Casanova Bar and Grill? It seems that Foley's folly will have long legs, as there are other steamy e-mails out there. Edward Kennedy didn't even have Dutch courage, when it came to saving his drowned date. Claiming that your judgement was so clouded by double martinis that you changed your sexual orientation, or you had to sleep off the drunken crash doesn't cut it. OK, if you're a Kennedy that rule doesn't apply. For the rest of them, they should simply fess up, take their political punishment, and then pour themselves a triple martini.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Bud, remember that Margaret Trudeau managed somehow to be exempted from or to beat a "driving under the influence" charge -- mental problem again, I believe. All animals are equal before the law ... but in this case, some animals are more equal than others ... if they once were pet's. On the other hand, if I were to drive a mile home after one cocktail too many ... in this case, some animals would be less equal ... maybe because I'm nobody's pet?



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