October 01, 2006

Oct. 1, 2006: Various

How many degrees of separation? ... the morphine addict ... the Taliban ... Arab banks ... mercenaries ... a Saskatoon whore ... "helping to kill our boys in Afghanistan", Debris Trail on Celestial Junk via smalldeadanimals

If it's children exposed to penises, it must be Belgium, Oct. 1, 06


Also, scroll down to this anecdote from W L Mackenzie Redux thefirebrand.blogspot.com

.... The kid was dogged inssessantly [sic] by every teacher in that school after we intervened on his behalf to support his right to his opinion which may have differed with the teachers and the schools but was none the less taken from factual first hand knowledge...unlike that of the teacher. He refused [....]

Book excerpt: A Nation of Serfs

Chapter 11: The Fumbling Fifth Estate

A failure to analyze: The CBC's incurious approach to George
, by Mark Milke, John Wiley and Sons


Book excerpt: The war on fun


The War on Fun has begun. If you hope to preserve your way of life, you'll need to arm yourself. From Canada's most entertaining right wing rebel, Ezra Levant, comes a fascinating and alarming look at what's really going on in the battle against our lifestyles--and how Canadians can fight back against the onslaught before it's too late. [....]

I read it; check for yourself.


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