September 29, 2006

Sept. 29, 2006: Related to ...

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Sept. 28, 2006: A child's right ...

Sept. 28, 2006: Dear SOW & Assorted Activists

News Junkie Canada: On the Rise of the Superficial, the Eclipse of Substance and the Sexualization of Little Girls , April 19, 2003

Update and information of which I was not aware when I posted Sept. 24, 2006: Chomsky, Hugo & Jack

Cdn. sacrifices making Afghanistan safer: Karzai , News Staff, Sep. 24 2006

On Saturday, Karzai met with the federal party leaders most critical of the military mission in Afghanistan -- NDP Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe.

Karzai and Layton agreed to disagree on the role of Canadian troops in Afghanistan. [....]

Details of Karzai's meeting with Duceppe weren't available. The Bloc Quebecois has also been calling for an emergency debate on the mission. [....]


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