September 28, 2006

Sept. 28, 2006: Disinformation program ...

Africa not 'sexy' enough for military: Liberal Senator Peter Stollery , CP,Sep. 27 2006 1:51 AM ET

OTTAWA -- Canada's military is reluctant to take up peacekeeping operations in Africa, particularly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, because senior brass don't believe it's as "sexy'' as fighting the U.S.-led war on terror, a Liberal senator charged Tuesday.

Throughout all of Africa, there are 64 Canadian staff officers, ceasefire observers and military trainers serving in three operations -- a contribution that was termed "a disgrace'' by Liberal Senator Peter Stollery. [....]

Why do I sense another pre-election attempt to depict Conservatives and the military as racists and to try to paint the government's foreign policy as tied at the hip to the US? Is there even the faintest possibility that there is another reason for the senatorial pique? Isit that some business deals intended for Africa are being impacted negatively?

What follows is only one example of what was happening under Liberal management. The following leads to a post last year on an ACOA, etc. meeting, bringing the big guns to UNB for a one day workshop on Africa. Note, among all the VIP's assembled, the ambassadors in attendance:

* Kenya,
* Guinea,
* Ethiopia,
* Mali,
* Cameroon,
* Burkina Faso.

The point of the conference was to point out that there were business projects -- opportunities in Africa.

From this week: Frost Hits the Rhubarb March 6-12, 05

The specific post: Compare: "Pulp Mill Workers Urged to Build Arts Industry" & UNB: World Bank, Industry, Educ. Ambassadorial Reps "Working with Africa Workshop"

The following came about when I read about the difference in the scenarios afforded the pulp and paper mill workers and the power and prestige assembled to develop enthusiasm and plans for projects in Africa -- What might have been. The former group have just found out that the Saint Anne Nackawic Pulp and Paper Mill will not re-open.

Liberals, attempts to paint those who have different political views are unwise. We know what you are trying to do and Canadians are watching, as never before.


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