September 27, 2006

Sept. 27, 2006: Why they'll whine ...

All the way to the taxpayer-funded trough

Don't expect the CCP to go quietly ... and taxpayers are forbidden to learn specifics. , Lorne Gunter, NatPost, Sept. 27, 06

[....] In a letter responding to a column I'd written three weeks ago urging the government to kill the Court Challenges Program, CCP chairman Guy Matte wrote: "The program is completely accountable to the Canadian people and to government."

Not quite. When the Liberals remade it, they also put it beyond the reach of Access to Information legislation.

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There are too many lads and lassies at the trough with the Court Challenges Program. Gunter elucidates. This is a must read article. Good show, Gunter!

Update: comment by rosemarie59

[The Court Challenges Program is] a good thing for lawyers and gay rights groups like EGALE and the SOW. The lawyers for these groups are taxpayer funded while the groups that oppose them in court are not. The defenders of the CCP say they're standing up for the little guy's rights, yet these groups are the loudest and among the most powerful in the country. Also, Gunter makes the point that funding these challenges is not covered by Access to Information. Therefore, we don't know how much is being spent, but you can bet if it's hidden, it's a lot. I hope they're successful in scrapping it.


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