September 25, 2006

Sept. 25, 2006

What do our feminists say about these? Note also: Sept. 24, 2006: Muslim Honour Killing Suspected

Safia Ahmed-jan killed for educating girls in Afghanistan , Updated Mon. Sep. 25 2006 9:37 AM ET, Associated Press

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Two gunmen on a motorbike killed the provincial director of Afghanistan's Ministry of Women's Affairs outside her home Monday in apparent retribution for her efforts to help educate women, officials said.

[....] Ahmed-jan ... proponent of women's rights [....]

[....] running trade schools. .... to improve education for women," ...

In Kandahar alone, Ahmed-jan had opened six schools where almost 1,000 women learned how to bake and sell their goods at market. She had also opened tailoring schools for women, and clothes made there found their way to Western markets, Khan said.

[....] Suspected Taliban militants, meanwhile, attacked and destroyed a medical clinic in Yaqoubi district of the eastern Khost province on Sunday, [Gen. Mohammed Ayub, the provincial police chief] said.

These men have a sick conception of women; they grant women no rights.

Opium trade hits record levels -- Drug industry supports the insurgency, NATO general warns , Katie Rook, National Post, with files from Reuters, September 22, 2006

A UN report states poppy cultivation will soar to record levels in Afghanistan this year, yielding 92% of the world's supply of opium. Cultivation has increased by 59% this year, reaching an output of 6,700 tonnes. [....]

President Hamid Karzai has pledged to eradicate opium-poppy cultivation, but Kabul's strategy calls for the Afghan government to lead anti-narcotics operations with NATO becoming involved only when requested. [....]

Search: Senlis Council , Disgruntled farmers join the insurgency out of

There are no easy answers and this article is good in presenting the problems briefly.

It sounds as though Layton had met with Karzai but ...

See update below posted Sept. 29, 2006

Karzai, Layton find common ground , 24 Sep 2006

NDP Leader Jack Layton says he and Afghan President Hamid Karzai agree that military might alone isn't enough to secure Afghanistan's long-term stability.

[....] Karzai talked about the latest casualties after meeting 17 soldiers from the Quebec City area to bolster support for the mission, expanded recently to include members of the Royal 22nd Regiment, the famed Van Doos of Valcartier, Que.

As many as 150 members of the regiment are scheduled to leave for Afghanistan in five months. [....]

Gen. Rick Hillier, Canada's chief of defence staff, said earlier this month that troops from CFB Valcartier will provide security for the reconstruction teams rather than directly engage the Taliban. [....]

How interesting.

* Karzai met with troops but the title sounds as though he might have met with Jack Layton. It was the same on television with Jack talking. Is there a not-very-well-hidden agenda here? To make Jack look like a statesman ... It fails.

* The PPCLI are fighting the Taliban so that reconstruction can actually occur but the Royal 22nd Regiment will provide security for the teams.

Update: Sept. 29, 2006 -- Layton did meet with Karzai

Cdn. sacrifices making Afghanistan safer: Karzai , News Staff, Sep. 24 2006

On Saturday, Karzai met with the federal party leaders most critical of the military mission in Afghanistan -- NDP Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe.

Karzai and Layton agreed to disagree on the role of Canadian troops in Afghanistan. [....]

Details of Karzai's meeting with Duceppe weren't available. The Bloc Quebecois has also been calling for an emergency debate on the mission. [....]

Sorry, readers, I had not seen this. CBC still features Jack too readily.

Arsonists torch Islamic school on 1st day of Ramadan , September 25, 2006, CBC

[....] The fire caused $100,000 in damages and destroyed part of the roof. There were no injuries.

Police said the fire was the work of arsonists but added that they found no indication it was motivated by hate. [....]

Abraar School made headlines in 2005 when two teachers were suspended after allegedly praising a student for an anti-Semitic essay he wrote. The story was about revenge on Israel for the assassination of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the leader of the Hamas militant group.

Maybe the gods smote such jihadi engineering. Canada is not the place for abusing the position of teacher using propaganda. It is par for the course in the Palestinian Territories but I would consider whether this school should be allowed to continue, anyway. Check how much Saudi Wahhabi money, if any, funds it. Then act accordingly.

Rae poised to be top Liberal -- Ignatieff trails in 2nd-ballot support -- Ontario, Quebec members surveyed . Linda Diebel, Sept. 25, 06

[....] According to the poll, conducted by EKOS Research, MP Michael Ignatieff (Etobicoke-Lakeshore) is in a dead heat with Rae among rank-and-file Liberals as first choice for leader in the two provinces, expected to have more than half the delegates to the leadership convention in Montreal at the end of November.

[....] Ontario and Quebec have 58.8 per cent of the country's total ridings.

Bubba goes ballistic....part deux -- Former President Bill Clinton Gets Defensive With Fox News’s Chris Wallace, Posted by Noel Sheppard on September 23, 2006 - 10:32. This was posted by rosemarie59 Sep 24, 2006 12:59 pm

Timing seems to be significant in that the discrediting happened BEFORE it aired.

There is an introduction, then this:

*****Update: As NewsBuster Wilmouth has already indicated, something interesting is transpiring in the media concerning this interview. It appears that the press have already mobilized to discredit it before it airs, much like what occurrred with ABCs “The Path to 9/11.” After all, President Clinton has already gone on “Countdown” to discuss how he was “sandbagged.” The headline at Huffington Post reads “Fox Tries to Smear Bill Clinton.” At what typically reads as a DNC mouthpiece (Think Progress), the headline is “Clinton Takes on Fox News.” A DKos diarist headlined “Clinton Smacks Down Chris Wallace – HARD.”

Hypocritically, when a Republican, or even the current president, are “sandbagged” by a member of the press with cameras rolling, nobody seems offended by it. Just good reporting, right? Aren’t these the same people that complained the press was too easy on the administration leading up to the Iraq war? Nobody asked tough questions, correct? Well, is it only acceptable to ask tough questions of Republicans, but verboten to ask them of Democrats?

It appears so. As such, we are witnessing another full-court press by the left to attack a television program that hasn’t even aired yet to protect the image of their beloved Hero-in-Chief. When is this duplicity going to end?

A copy of the full interview is on that website; judge for yourself. Don't let the MSM be your intermediary.

Arar upset PM yet to apologize

Note the use of the word "dodged". Did Mr. Harper have anything to do with sending Mr. Arar to Syria? I seem to remember it happened under another administration and even then, we need more information.

Harper has repeatedly dodged demands by opposition MPs that he offer official regrets on behalf of the government. There is speculation the Tories want to hold off while they try to settle a lawsuit Arar has filed claiming millions in damages against Ottawa.

RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli [....]

I will be giving my testimony (about the Arar case) at the appropriate time." [....]

Let's see now, how much would the settlement of Arar's lawsuit increase in value with two more apologies? I'm waiting for more information and it may be a while. Let's just say I've read too much ... shall we say, dissembling?

B.C. border guards returning after safety threat; managers clear backlog

B.C. border guards stage mass walkout
U.S. Fugitive warning
, Chad Skelton, CanWest, September 25, 2006

VANCOUVER - A warning from U.S. authorities that an armed man wanted for murder might be heading to Canada [....]

Inco backs Brazilian bid -- Competition board approves $19.3B deal , Carrie Tait, National Post, September 25, 2006

Canadian nickel powerhouse Inco Ltd. last night recommended its shareholders accept a takeover offer from Brazilian giant Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, indicating Inco thinks the chances of another company emerging with an alternative bid are slim.

[....] Falconbridge Ltd., another large Canadian mining company, was sold to [Switzerland's] Xstrata PLC this summer. [....]

Investment Canada and the European Commission have yet to give their approval. [....]

Search: expires on Sept. 28 , regulatory approval , Arizona's Phelps , allure of cash , Teck and Phelps , $86 a share , US$22-billion , co-ordinating CVRD's financing

Internatiional banks important ...

Rule changes in New Brunswick, Alberta challenge ING's growth , Duncan Mavin, Financial Post, September 25, 2006

[....] In New Brunswick, the new Liberal provincial government has pledged to stop insurance companies from charging different rates based on gender, age or residence. The government has said it will consider introducing a public auto insurance system if the insurance companies do not comply with its new rules.[....]

Should insurance not be based on driving record? Stop the blinking engineering of an enforced equality. Maybe there is a period when new drivers should pay more and work themselves into lower rates within a set time, based on records about young drivers, but I'm not even sure I agree with that. Why can we not be treated equally until we drive poorly enough to be charged higher rates for it? I know parents who rely on their older teenagers to run errands with the family car and it seems unfair to penalize them if they drive carefully ... before they do anything that would warrant a rise in rates.

Don't confuse IQ and common sense -- Amaranth latest lesson -- re: Hedge funds appear to be shaping up as the latest lesson

Kingston students suspended until immunized , September 25, 2006, CBC

[....] Kingston pediatrician Dr. Michael Hefferon says the health unit's actions make sense.

"In the old days, we had whooping cough wards and polio wards. We're not seeing them now because children are being vaccinated and we'd like to keep it that way," said Hefferon. [....]

Robert Latimer counting down the days to parole

B.C. mayor wants to test kids for crystal meth

Anti-crystal meth crusader and Maple Ridge, B.C., Mayor Gord Robson says drug testing should be a "tool" available to parents, who feel their child is spiralling out of control.

Officials skeptical of bin Laden death report , Sept. 24, 05, NatPost

A leaked French intelligence document raises the possibility Osama bin Laden died of typhoid, but President Jacques Chirac said Saturday the report was "in no way whatsoever confirmed" and officials from Kabul to Washington expressed skepticism about its accuracy.


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