September 24, 2006

Sept. 24, 2006: Many Liberal MP's Snub Karzai

Liberals place leadership campaign ahead of our guest, Afghan Pres. Karzai

Only 60 Liberal MP's were in the House for Pres. Karzai's speech though it was Liberals who first sent Canada's military to Afghanistan

"Pat Breton, a spokesman for Liberal Leader Bill Graham, estimated only 60 of the 102 Liberal MPs were present in the House due to the leadership campaign.

"We sent out the message that we hoped all members would make their way back to Ottawa, but the reality is that the delegate selection is next weekend, and that was a priority," he said."

What slays me is that they seem to totally miss how arrogant and out of touch this makes them look.

After all, THEY were the government that committed Canada's military to Afghanistan in the first place!


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