September 24, 2006

Sept. 24, 2006: RCMP -&- Jan Wong: Free Speech

Exclusive: RCMP is a 'scapegoat',

OTTAWA -- The former RCMP officer responsible for assembling the team to investigate Maher Arar tells Global National exclusively that the nation's police force has been made into a scapegoat over Arar's deportation and subsequent torture in a Syrian jail.

[....] Clement, who notes that the primary goal of the team was one of "prevention," said that the investigation was "necessary and met the mandate given to law enforcement." [....]

The problem with entering the RCMP, any police service or the military is that you have to take orders. That includes not acting or speaking when you believe you should. Remember Staff Sgt. Stenhouse, Cpl. Robert Read? RCMP officers who tried to do their jobs and were stymied? Whistleblowers who lost their jobs, and both have been vindicated, although the RCMP wouldn't reinstate Read after a Parliamentary Committee determined he was treated wrongly. Then read Paul Palango's book, The Last Guardians ... There are other posts today on the RCMP.

Free speech Canada: RIP

Reader Response to Jan Wong's article, ''Pure Laine' Is Simply Pure Nonsense -- Sept. 20, 06, and Parliament's subsequent action:

Letters to the Editor, "Insulting identity", page A16, Globe and Mail

Our House of Commons passed a resolution seeking an apology from either Jan Wong or the Globe and Mail for remarks denigrating Quebec....

I have read about Wong's article but not the article itself. It seems to me that, though I don't particularly like what I know of her as revealed in her writings, she should NOT have to curb her own opinions. Has it come to this? (She spent too much time in China supporting that regime for me to read her. She did write well on the cleaning ladies articles.

Charest seeks Globe apology for Jan Wong column, September 20th, 2006, Jack’s Newswatch

Jean Charest, shame on you!


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