September 22, 2006

Sept. 22, 2006: Netherlands related

Memory Lane: Netherlands related

News Junkie Canada Feb. 19, 2004

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Yes, you can go home again

The National Post (Feb. 18, A10) had an article about the ever-tolerant Dutch saying "Enough is enough!" The parliament has authorized the deportation of 26,000 illegal foreigners--which is less than the 40,000-odd deportees that Canada has lost track of lately. [....]

***A [Dutch] parliamentary report last month concluded that the country's 30-year experiment in tolerant multiculturalism had been a failure, ending in sink schools, violence, and ethnic ghettoes that shun inter-marriage with the Dutch.*** [....]

Dutch race policy 'a 30-year failure' [....]

Muslims hail Dutch defeat of Fortuyn List party [....]

Homosexuals and women, take note. [....]

Simpson on Sunday: Holland's anti-Islam dandy is lost for words, by John Simpson, May 5, 2002
[The link has developed a problem; the correct one is below:
news/2002/05/05/wsimp05.xml ]


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