September 20, 2006

Sept. 20, 2006: On the deaths of Canadian Forces Members

Prime Minister Stephen Harper: statement on the deaths of four Canadian Forces members

"I wish to send my heartfelt condolences to the loved ones of Corporal Glen Arnold, Corporal Shane Keating, Corporal Keith Morley, and Private David Byers, who were killed by a suicide bomber yesterday in the Panjwayi region of Afghanistan.

“We are all deeply grateful to these brave soldiers who gave their lives so that the people of Afghanistan would have hope for a brighter future.
I also send my sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery of the soldiers and Afghan civilians who were wounded in this desperate and cowardly attack.

“Canada supports this important mission, and we will not be deterred by ruthless attacks by Taliban insurgents. The senseless killing of Canadian troops while they were conducting a patrol in the community and interacting with Afghan locals, including children, clearly illustrates the lengths the enemy is willing to take in their opposition to the reconstruction of Afghanistan and the improvement of conditions for all Afghans.

“All Canadians respect and honour these brave soldiers for their sacrifice. We will continue to support the Canadian men and women on the frontline who are ensuring that Afghanistan does not fall back under the grip of the Taliban."

Rest in Peace


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